Education is a powerful weapon. It is essential to become independent and gain confidence. Education not only means learning from books. It can also be obtained through practical experiences. The holistic development of a young mind remains incomplete without outside experiences. Apart from imbibing information from textbooks, other fields are incorporated in schools and colleges. Group discussion involves conversation skills with others.


A group discussion is a mode of communication in a group setting. Group discussions such as debates are crucial as they allow students to develop their speaking skills. Group discussion & interactive classes encourage teamwork. Discussion & debating an idea enables the students to express their opinions confidently. The listening skills of the children develop, too, and they learn to respect the views of other participants. 


The Shriram Millennium School is one of the best schools in Faridabad that provides a CBSE curriculum. Their motto is delivering overall learning outcomes & holistic development of students. The educators conduct interactive classes to keep the students engaged which helps them develop their communication skills. The school fosters some unique approaches to learning so as to deliver exceptional results. 

Why is Group Discussion(GD) Important?


Group discussion acts like a volcano of individual thoughts, opinions and perspectives. Group discussion is a platform where young minds can express their ideas and lend their ears to others points of view. A GD does not mean only talking; it means everyone putting their own opinions on a topic. Moreover, GD promotes the development of the mind that fosters communicative skills. 


Better Communication Skills: When students participate in group discussions, they try to frame sentences on their own. To prepare sentences appropriately, you need a good command of language. GD assists in sharpening their ability to express their thoughts clearly and confidently. It’s a stepping stone where young minds learn to explain their views, which is helpful in the real world. Schools in Faridabad promote GD sessions in classes so that young children become fluent in constructing sentences using both English & their mother language. GD helps to hone their overall communication skill. 


Paves the Way for Critical Thinking Ability: Group discussions act as the brainstorming activity. It is like a creative sport for developing the thinking muscles of the brain. Listening to their peers’ ideas & views encourages them to engage in good debate. It helps to develop their ability to analyze situations in real life.


Broadens Knowledge: Students get the opportunity to express their views on a particular topic on this Group discussion platform. It acts as an enriching session for every student. Educators ask each student to participate in these interactive sessions. GD acts as a medium for young minds who can receive new ideas that are not familiar to them. GD sessions open new horizons of knowledge. It helps to expand their thinking abilities. Students like to share their thoughts wholeheartedly through these sessions. Active participation in group discussions helps brilliant minds to gain a broader perspective. 


Enables Teamwork: Teamwork is the essence of a professional world. GD promotes teamwork. A group discussion is a platform that prepares the students to respect their team member’s opinions, collaborate with other members, and work together as a team. 


Builds Confidence: Many are afraid to speak in public. GD promotes public speaking ability. Interactive sessions in schools provide a safe & supportive platform to overcome this fear. Educators support the children in participating and encourage them to speak freely. When they are participating in GD, their Confidence increases, which makes them comfortable in expressing themselves without any fear. 


Develops Decision-Making Skill: In these GD sessions, the participants share their ideas & opinions to keep the flow of the discussion going. Participants can only come prepared with some speeches. They prepare their speeches based on their views. Their speech should be found in the words conveyed by others during the interactive discussion. Therefore, it becomes utmost necessary for the participants to jot their opinions on the spot to either speak against or support the views of the other team. GD helps to build their decision-making skills and to present their decision confidently. 

Wrapping Up


The Education at the Faridabad schools makes learning exciting and more vibrant. Group discussion is very much a part of the curriculum and is an important tool to impart skills to young minds. The Shriram Millennium School takes care of the little aspects in the growth of a child’s journey and helps with adequate grooming.