Maraging steels are ultra-high-strength steel alloys, a type of low-carbon steel that is stronger and tougher than most other steels while maintaining similar ductility. The phrase “maraging” is formed from the words “martensitic” and “ageing,” and it refers to the process of strengthening steel.

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What is Maraging Steel

Maraging steels are a distinct type of low-carbon steel with more strength and toughness than most other steels while maintaining comparable ductility. They are made of steel alloys with extremely high strength.


Maraging steel varies from other steel alloys in that it is toughened by the precipitation of a specific set of additional intermetallic compounds rather than the presence of carbon itself. The lack of carbon and the utilisation of intermetallic precipitation enable maraging steel to attain high strength and hardness while keeping relatively high flexibility. The name maraging is derived from the age-hardening process, which occurs without carbon in a martensite matrix. Maraging steels are often utilised in the aerospace sector, as well as parts for tools and weapons.


Composition and grades of maraging steel


Maraging steel grades are identified by their nominal yield strength in thousands of pounds per square inch (ksi). Commercially available maraging steels are designed to produce specified yield strengths ranging from 1,030 to 2,040 MPa (150–350 ksi). Some maraging steels attain yield strengths of 3,450 MPa (500 ksi) or higher.


Maraging steel often contains a high nickel, cobalt, and molybdenum concentration. Notably, the carbon content in the composition is regarded as an impurity in these alloys and is typically limited to less than 0.03 per cent. The chart below shows some of the most prevalent grades of maraging steel alloys. It is worth noting that the steel designation contains the yield strength in parentheses (in ksi).


How is Maraging Steel Made ( Production and processing of maraging steel)

As the name implies, the fundamental stage in manufacturing maraging steel is ageing (or heat treatment). This entails heating the steel to around 1560 °F (850 °C) to generate an utterly austenitic phase. This is followed by delayed cooling, which creates a martensitic microstructure. Ferrite and pearlite are created from these two phases, followed by martensite following fast cooling via quenching in water or oil. This soft martensitic structure gives maraging steel its great flexibility and toughness. After quenching, the maraging steel is strengthened by thermal ageing, which involves heating it to temperatures ranging from 895 °F (480 °C) to 930 °F (500 °C) for several hours.


Variations of maraging steel grades developed include:

  • Stainless grades
  • Additional cast grades
  • Additional strength levels
  • Cobalt-free and low-cobalt grades
  • Unique grades for heavy sections
  • Grades with superior magnetic characteristics


Properties of maraging steels


Maraging steels have several favourable features, including:


  • Excellent yield strength and ultimate tensile strength.
  • High toughness.
  • High flexibility.
  • High impact strength.
  • High fatigue strength.
  • Workability
  • Highly resistant to crack propagation.
  • Weldability
  • Heat treatment features:
  • Low coefficients of thermal expansion.


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