Typically, a routine MOT test just requires a quick in-and-out, so scheduling the inspection doesn’t require you to give up your entire day. It requires 45 to 60 minutes on average. However, there are a number of variables that might lengthen or shorten the check, so a little additional information is useful.

This is what every vehicle owner needs to know before your next Tyres London!

How long does a car’s MOT take in the United Kingdom? Does it take a day to complete?

The majority of UK garages require 45 to 60 minutes for each MOT test. This usually translates to the ability to bring your automobile to the facility and pick it up at the end of the day. Of course, you’re welcome to remain. However, there’s no assurance that the inspections will be completed one hour after the car arrives at the garage.

You should have a backup plan, or another way to get about until the repairs and retest are completed, in case the test finds defaults that render your automobile unfit for use on the road.

If I fail, would my MOT take longer?

Regardless of the result, MOT tests need the same amount of time.

However, the repairs will take longer than the inspection. Your vehicle will not be allowed to be driven until all of the issues shown on your VT3O are fixed if it fails a MOT with hazardous flaws. You might be able to drive it if you have a serious fault and you still have a valid MOT (which you can verify here). But there can be problems with your road tax and insurance.

If I fail, will I have to pass MOT again?

Yes, if you wish to keep operating a vehicle in the UK lawfully. Assuming the repairs are completed by the appointed date, you can arrange the retest immediately.

The majority of MOT retest times vary. You are eligible for a partial retest if you schedule your retest within 60 days of the initial exam. This implies that only the components of the entire test that your automobile failed will be looked at. Even so, how long it takes will depend on how many problems were found and how small they were.

How much time does a service and MOT take?

The age of the vehicle, the kind of service, the distance driven, and the severity of the faults found during the previous MOT test are just a few of the variables that might affect how long a service takes.

One to one and a half hours are needed for an intermediate auto service (plus an additional forty to sixty minutes for the MOT). Typically, an interim service will include:

Vehicle examination for safety

  • Engine inspection and maintenance
  • checking fluid levels and replenishing up
  • Tyre inspections
  • Lubrication of moving components is one kind of maintenance.

A full automobile service normally takes 3-4 hours (+ a 40-60-minute MOT) and includes the following:

  • Electrical component testing
  • Replacement of the fuel filter and the air cleaner
  • Thorough brake examination
  • The road test
  • Battery evaluation

Finally, a big service is the most complete service package offered, which requires a significant amount of time.

Is it possible to complete a MOT in less time?

Everyone’s MOT inspections and test results are the same. There are no precise processes that will guarantee it will take less time than expected.

The condition and safety of your car are at your control. If a MOT examination reveals no problems, you won’t have to keep your car in the garage for any longer than the test.

A pre-booked MOT might also help you manage your calendar more effectively.

What exactly happens during a MOT?

The three primary categories examined during a MOT are:

  • Bodywork, mirrors, towbars, lights, wheels, tyres, doors, and so forth.
  • Interior features include the steering wheel, seats, seat belts, driver controls, warning lights, and a driver’s vision.
  • Vehicle electronics, suspension, exhaust system, fuel system, steering, and so on.

Have your technician evaluate and repair all of these components before to testing to maximise your chances of passing on the first try Mot London.

What is the price of a MOT? What is the price of a MOT retest?

A garage is only permitted to charge £54.85, with no further VAT, for a car’s MOT.

In the event that your car fails its MOT, it will require a partial retest following the repair of the malfunctioning elements.

As long as the required repairs are finished at the same MOT test location within ten working days, you are eligible for a free retest.

Alternatively, you might take the car to a separate garage for the repairs if it is still safe to drive.

But, you have to return it to the MOT test facility by the end of the following working day in order to receive a free retest.


A standard MOT Chingford test should not take more than 60 minutes. On the other hand, the process can take two to four hours if you plan to have a thorough examination. All of your inspections may easily be completed in a single day, even if you combine a thorough service with a MOT test.

Lastly, you have the chance to replace your car before your current MOT certificate expires at a reasonable cost.