Customers’ confidence is not greatly bolstered by enterprises using generic email addresses like Yahoo and Gmail.

To preserve professional images and conduct official business, the majority of firms and professionals frequently use domain-based email addresses such as [email protected].

This article explains how to use webmail software to access your emails and rapidly create professional email addresses from your Spanel account.

Let’s take a moment to define webmail login and discuss the advantages of using one first.

Now let’s get going.

What is WebMail Login?

Through web browsers, consumers can access email services or accounts with Webmail Login. It’s a speedy substitute for email clients, which are external programs that are used to access and control email accounts.

Popular webmail login addresses are,,, and so on. Users of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL Mail may access and manage their accounts online without the need to download any apps thanks to them.

Users can access and manage their domain email accounts from an intuitive web interface with webmail software such as RainLoop, RoundCube, Thunderbird, Horde, SquirrelMail, and others. 

Scalahosting provides free webmail services to customers using RainLoop.

The Benefits of Webmail Software

Webmail software offers several amazing advantages. Let’s examine a few of these:

  • It makes it simple for domain-based email users to view, send, and delete emails.
  • Installing and downloading third-party email clients is no longer necessary with webmail software.
  • Because Webmail is web-based, users can access their email accounts remotely from any location.

Similarly, 1and1 Webmail Login is easy to use and often not difficult to set up.

Establishing a Business Email Address

Setting up domain-based email accounts from your hosting account is a must for using Webmail. follow finish it, adhere follow these guidelines.

  • Naturally, enter your domain name in place of to access your Cpanel account, which is an all-in-one Scala hosting management panel, by visiting
  • To start creating your email account, find the Email section on the dashboard and click Email Account.
  • Enter your email username and choose your domain.
  • You can either manually type your password, type it again for confirmation, or use the ‘Generate‘ button to have a strong password generated for you.
  • Press the blue button to finish the procedure.
  • That is all.
  • The message “The mailbox [your email address] has been created successfully” will appear if the process is successful.

Learn a complete guide on how to access Earthlink Webmail Login.

How to Use Webmail to Access Your Email Account

  • Open your browser and type, replacing with your domain name, to access your domain email account through a webmail interface.
  • To access your email account, enter your password and email address.
  • Once your login has been successful, you will see your Spanel email dashboard. To use the webmail interface, select Login To Webmail.
  • From the email dashboard, you could also set up an autoresponder, reset your password, and forward emails.
  • That is all. If you require any assistance, you may get in touch with support.

Maximum email security, deliverability, and performance may be achieved by using Scalahosting’s dedicated email hosting.