It doesn’t have to be difficult to set the table for a dinner gathering. You can make a table that is both elegant and useful with a little forethought and preparation!​ Hete are some tips.

Think about how formal the dinner party is. We offer solutions for any kind of occasion, from elegant dinner parties to laid-back BBQs.

TIP 2: Select linens that go well with your interior design. You can select linens that complement your walls, furniture, and other décor if you have a particular colour scheme in mind. Neutral linens are a reliable choice if you’re unsure of your colour scheme.

TIP 3: Remember to bring napkins! An essential component of every dinner party table arrangement are napkins. To create contrast, select napkins that complement your tablecloth or use a contrasting colour or design.

Visit the alternatives to see them in person! You are welcome to play and create with our linens—as well as our other rentals—in our showroom. The easiest method to achieve your goals is to design directly, and as an added benefit, we have numerous onsite designers that can assist you!

It’s time to begin setting the table once you have the table and chairs. It saves time and reduces stress on the day of the celebration, in our experience, to set the table one or two days in advance. Once more, take formality into account while choosing tabletop rentals such as glasses, cutlery and plates. Remember that not all celebrations need to be extravagant. We accommodate many themes and styles here at A Classic!

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