Planning a Multi-City Flight on Emirates Airlines will allow you to save more on booking charges while giving you the flexibility to explore different cities in one itinerary. You can use the multi-city feature to manage your multiple bookings in one schedule. It helps you to manage your workload and helps you with booking charges. When you plan to discover different places, submitting the multi-city form is essential as it allows you to make efficient planning. Read the blog to learn more about this incredible feature.

What is the Multi-City Flight booking feature on Emirates Airlines?

Through multi-city booking, the airline tries to offer resilience against uncertainty and time management. With Emirates multi-city flights booking options, you can save resources quite efficiently without compromising your convenience, safety, and comfort. You simply need to manage one booking for all multi-city trips which allows passengers to enjoy their time with loved ones. You secure freedom from managing multiple tickets as all will be mentioned in one planned itinerary. Use it to board your respective flight without making additional effort.

What to do if I need to make changes to the multi-city itinerary?

The Emirates Change Flight policy implies that passengers with multi-city flight bookings can change their scheduled itinerary by paying applicable fees. However, a change request will only be entertained if the booking is made under the supervision of the team. You can contact them for better information and to manage your flight bookings.

How Can I Book Multi-City Flights with Emirates Airways?

The best and easiest method to book Emirates multi-city flights is by visiting the official website. The online booking process is more effective than other methods as it allows you to get instant results. Simply be on the official website and execute the steps discussed here:

  • On the home page, look for the advanced tab, it is placed above the search flight tab.
  • Input the following information in the respective field to book your multi-city flights.
    • Type of flights (One-way or Round trip)
    • Destination source
    • Departure date
    • Arrival date (for round trip only)
    • Number of passengers
    • Class of cabins
  • Under the Advanced Search option, you can add up to 10 cities with the fare class you want.
  • Enter a promotional code (if you have one) to lessen the effect of multi-city charges on your pockets.
  • Fill in all mandatory fields and hit the search tab.
  • Hit the Advanced Search option.
  • Enter the details required in all the fields.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and submit your response by reviewing your input.
  • Pay all applicable fees based on the fare type and city you choose.
  • Once the payment is received, you will secure your booking details on registered IDs.

The airline allows passengers to book multi-city flights offline. To do so, they need to contact the customer service team, who will work hard with them to achieve the desired result. Reach them over the phone or by visiting the nearest center. The team will process your request once you make the payment of the applicable fees. You may need to pay a service fee additional; charges if the booking is made through offline channels.


Multi-city features allow passengers to save their time, money, and other resources quite efficiently. The airline understands passengers’ pain of managing multiple bookings, so, they came up with the idea of merging multiple city bookings in one reservation. From now on, you do not need to puzzle around, as the airline will save your thrill to new dynamics without painting out your resources to blue.