Breeze Airways Name Change Policy is designed to assist you with name corrections. Breeze Airways tries to make their guests’ lives easier, hence they have very clear policies in place. To help and support you with any modifications or revisions you require.


What is the purpose of Breeze Airways Name Correction Policy?


Breeze Airways realizes that mistakes might be made when making reservations. So they have this Breeze Airways name correction policy, which lays out the processes that must be taken. Once the airline requests a revision or a change in last name. Your name on the travel document must correspond to the one on your identification document. If you violate the rules, Breeze Airways has the authority to deny you entry. So, to prevent the headache and delays at the airport during your trip. You must double-check the details on your Breeze Airways flight ticket.


The following points will help you understand Breeze Airways’ altered passenger name policy.

  • Passengers may correct their name only if the modifications do not change the passenger shown on the ticket.
  • Passengers can change their name if it does not match the one on their passport.
  • Passengers requesting changes to their last name must provide documentation. These documents can include marriage, divorce, and birth certificates.
  • Under no circumstances will Breeze enable the person on the ticket to change their name.
  • If a name change or correction request is made within twenty-four hours of the first Breeze Airways flight ticket. The carrier will not charge you a fee to change your name on Breezy Airways.
  • Once the window has gone, the airline will charge a correction fee based on the passenger’s requested alteration or correction.
  • If reservations are booked through third-party websites or a travel agent. Then, for a name change, you must contact them only.
  • If you want to change your name or make errors up to three characters, you can do so online.
  • Passengers looking to change their last name should contact the Breeze Airways phone center. Alternatively, you can seek assistance at the Airport Counter.


Breeze Airways Name Change Fee

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to change or amend your last name, read on. Breeze Airways’ modified customer name policy requires revisions within 24 hours after the initial reservation. Once the 24-hour period has ended, a correction fee will be charged. This fee ranges between $75 and $400, contingent upon the number of modifications requested.


Different Ways to Request Breeze Airways Name Change


If you have been curious about the various alternatives for a name change with Breeze Airways. Then you’re in the correct spot. You may contact Breeze Airways both online and offline. Rest assured that Breeze Airways will answer and resolve your inquiries. Breeze has all of these policies in place to meet your specific needs. The following are some of the methods you can get aid with name changing.


Requesting Name Change via the Official Breeze Airways Website


This is the most convenient method for requesting modifications. You can access the official Breeze website from anywhere. To attempt name changes, use the procedure detailed following.

  • First, visit the legally binding Breeze website.
  • Now, log in using your personal identification number and last name.
  • When you click on My Trips, the booking information appears.
  • Now correct the names as needed.
  • If necessary, pay a charge and click submit. Once completed, you can print or download your new boarding pass.


Requesting Name Change Through Breeze Airways Customer Care


Another alternative is to call the Breeze Airways customer support number. The crew is only a phone call distant and is prepared to help you with all of your questions. Note that you should have all of your data available before calling Breeze Airways. As it allows the staff member to recognize you and begin aiding you as soon as feasible. Once completed, they will mail you the replacement boarding pass.