The SIG P365 redefined every possible area for all guns regarding functionality and performance. It has been famous for its versatile performance in law enforcement to private citizens. One of its best features is that it allows one to customize their grip module, meaning their firearm can become adjustable to the preference and comfort of the owner.

Swapping out the SIG P365 grip module is a relatively straightforward process, just a little attention to detail so you don’t shoot your ass could be blown up. We’ll guide you through it, from preparations to the finishing touches.

Understanding Your SIG P365 Grip Module

Features of the SIG P365 Grip Module

SIG P365 grip module is adaptable and comfortable. It comes in different textures and sizes so that a person can choose the one appropriate for the size of their hand and grip preference. All these features are essential since you get to understand and hence use the SIG P365 grip module that best suits all your needs.:

To change the grip module, you will need a few basic tools:

  • Torx screwdriver set
  • Small hammer
  • Punch tool

Preparing to Change Your SIG P365 Grip Module

Safety Measures Before Starting

Unload the firearm prior to starting. Make sure the chamber and magazine are free from ammunition. Safety should always have priority.

Disassembling Your SIG P365

The disassembly process entails removing the magazine and clearing the chamber. Once the firearm is clear and safe, retract the slide and pivot the takedown lever.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the SIG P365 Grip Module

Removing the Old Grip Module

Using your punch tool, push out the retaining pins carefully and lift away the old grip module from the trigger assembly and the frame.

Installing the New Grip Module

Align the new grip module with the frame of the firearm. Press the frame into the new module carefully, ensuring you do not force it. Realign the retaining pins and gently tap them back into place with the hammer.

Reassembling Your SIG P365

Align the slide on the guide rails and reattach it to the frame by the takedown lever, as it was locked in place. Do a function test to make sure everything goes right.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Dealing with Tight Fittings

Lube the new grip module if it is too tight, then install it carefully. Don’t force it; that will only succeed in breaking your gun.

Ensuring Proper Alignment

Before final assembly, ensure proper alignment of all parts. Misalignment of parts can cause a firearm to malfunction.

Maintenance Tips for Your SIG P365 Grip Module

Regular Cleaning and Care

Regular maintenance forms an integral part of the continuity of your SIG P365 operation to be maintained. Exercise routine firearm maintenance and cleaning of the grip module during such exercises.

When to Consider Replacing Your Grip Module

Periodically check your grip module for any kind of damage and wear. Replace your grip module if any type of damage occurs which does not give enough grip.

FAQs About Changing the SIG P365 Grip Module

Can I switch back to the original grip module if I don’t like the new one?

  • Yes, You can always switch back to the original grip module if the new one does not live up to your comfort expectations.

How often should I replace the grip module?

  • Replace the grip module if it becomes worn or damaged or to change to a different style or fit. There is no rigid timeline; it is subjective to wear and personal preference.

Does changing the grip module affect the warranty of my SIG P365?

  • Generally, changing the grip module does not void the warranty. It would be nice if a quick call to SIG Sauer or your warranty provider is made to clarify.

What are the benefits of customizing my grip module?

  • So, by custom-fitting your grip module, you should achieve better comfort and control of your firearm and in return, you should be able to give your SIG P365 a more personable look.


Swapping out the grip module on your SIG P365 is a simple and essential way to tailor your firearm for better handling and, thus, performance. The following guide will describe the steps and precautions needed for safe and successful modification to further unlock your potential for better shooting. This will keep your SIG P365 in the best condition for use in any situation with routine maintenance and replacement of the grip module.