Passengers must check the Tarom Airlines baggage rules before initiating their journey with Tarom Airlines. It is one of the most valuable airlines which connects various lands on a daily basis. Passengers who are travelling with Tarm Airlines must check the certain rules and bag size related terms here in this report before flying.

Tarom Carry on Baggage

You can bring two carry-on bags on board, one measuring 55 x 40 x 20 cm and the other smaller, such as a laptop bag or purse. On ATR aircraft, the maximum dimensions are 35 x 30 x 20 cm; if your luggage exceeds these dimensions, it will be checked in free of charge. The weight must not exceed ten kilograms.
Checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg is always included with the ticket price.
Skis, golf clubs, and other minor sports equipment are transported free of charge unless you have additional checked-in luggage.
Pets are transported at a cost of € 25-50 each flight. 

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What are the Tarom Baggage Rules

Tarom baggage rules are given below however the general rules of restricted articles during flight journey are also applicable here. Moreover, bag size should not exceed more than 10 kg when you are travelling with Tarom Airlines otherwise there might be extra payable charges for the customer based on the weight. Passengers are allowed to carry hand bags or cabin bags with the rest of the articles they need to give at check-in.

1 x 8 kilograms for all flight rates.

If the flight is on a Boeing or Airbus, hand baggage must be no more than 115cm (all dimensions combined). If the service is offered by an ATR 72 or an ATR 42, the luggage dimensions cannot exceed 85cm (35x30x20).


Any baggage you carry with you in the passenger cabin is considered hand baggage.

If you fly on a Boeing or Airbus aircraft, you are authorized to carry one piece of hand luggage in the cabin measuring no more than 55x 40x 20cm (length x breadth x depth).

If you fly on an ATR 42 / ATR 72, the luggage taken to the cabin must not exceed the following dimensions: 35x 30 x 20cm (length x width x height).

You can also have as hand luggage: a purse, a briefcase, a camera / video bag, a laptop, or device smaller or comparable to the following dimensions: ATR42/ATR72 dimensions are 55x40x20 cm and 35x30x20 cm, respectively.

These limitations only apply to flights undertaken by TAROM using its own aircraft. Additional limitations imposed by the aircraft operator may apply to code-share flights operated by TAROM partners. 


Passengers who are checking-in with heavy luggage must reach the airport before 3 hours so they would have enough time to complete the formalities of the airport. If TAROM shares portions of the route on the ticket with other transporters, the rules and fees for excess baggage of the first flight operator on the itinerary (TAROM) will apply to the sector/sectors where the baggage is registered; please be aware that you may be charged for excess baggage by the other flight operators on the route.


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