Puppy pads are a hygienic and valuable aid in training puppies in case the daily walk cannot be carried out. The unique surface impregnated with pheromones attracts dogs and stimulates them to urinate on its surface. The active substance inside the absorbent mats transforms urine into gel, neutralizes unpleasant odors, and prevents the appearance of microorganisms. These pads are the ideal accessory for your apartment pet. Intended for use in domestic conditions, they help you teach your four-legged friend to relieve himself in the place you consider the most appropriate in the house.

Thus, they can be the ideal accessory both for puppies or kittens and for bitches during menstruation or if your four-legged friend suffers from urinary incontinence. These pads are made of several layers of polyethylene, plastic, and cellulose, which gives them a high capacity to absorb liquids. The upper layer of printed textiles does not allow urine to spread over the entire surface of the mat, and the active substance inside transforms urine into a gel and captures unpleasant odors. Therefore, the mat dries quickly, thus preventing the appearance of microorganisms.

How Do Puppy Pads Work?

The lower polyethylene layer is water resistant and does not allow liquids to flow onto the floor, thus ensuring an environment free of unpleasant odors and liquids. Puppy pads can be used both inside the house and during trips and stays in hotels; they can be placed in transport bags and are indispensable during periods when, for various reasons, you cannot leave the house with the dog. Place the pad in the appropriate area with the absorbent layer on the upper side and the waterproof side on the lower side. Wait as long as it takes, then remove the mat from the floor and replace it with a new one.

When you want to use the pad in dog training:

  • Place it near the place where the dog usually sleeps.
  • After he gets used to using it, move the pad towards the door, after which you can take it out and place it in the right place.
  • Place the bedspreads on hard and easy-to-clean surfaces. If you just got your puppy and understand that it will take some effort to teach it to go outside only, or it has health problems, you will be happy to use an absorbent pad to keep the house spotless.

Because some models are different, it is advised to quickly go through the criteria explained by the specialist below before buying such a product. The first and most important criterion is the functions puppy pads offer you. At a reasonable price, an absorbent pad for dogs must ensure good absorption so that the liquid does not spill over the edges of the surface or the texture remains wet, and the dog gets dirty on its paws and carries the smell throughout the house. Some versions include particular substances that turn urine into a gel, thus preventing unpleasant accidents, so check carefully on the packaging.

Choose the Best Version

You will also find puppy pads versions with a wide plastic edge, which prevents liquid from leaking out, and models with a quick-drying upper layer. This category also includes the waterproof layer on the side that sits on the ground, preventing liquid from passing through the material and wetting the floor and effectively neutralizing bad smells. Most versions, but not all, provide a composition that prevents the spread of specific and unwanted waste, countering the urine particles through simple chemical reactions. It is a characteristic that directly influences your comfort and the frequency you must change the hygienic pressure.

Last but not least, looking for carpets impregnated with substances designed to attract the pet’s attention when looking for a place to defecate is recommended. You will greatly appreciate this feature, especially if you are dealing with a puppy you have to train. These hygienic accessories are frequently used as an intermediate step in teaching the puppy to go outside. Among the questions that cross your mind is undoubtedly one related to the right size for your dog. Numerous opinions about the best pads for puppies recommend, first of all, checking the indications regarding the puppy’s waist.

Read Carefully the Indications

All these things are mentioned on the packaging; therefore, look at it. The bigger the dog, the more space it will need and with a greater absorption capacity. It is also essential to take into account the space available in the apartment, as well as the ability of the material to neutralize the smell. If you choose a cheaper version, you may need to change it more often, and then a vast version will not be necessary. Among the most common options are puppy pads of 40 x 60cm, 60 x 60cm, and 60 x 90cm.

The number of pieces available in the packages varies from small to more extensive options; the choice depends on the context in which you will use them. If you use them as a way to teach a puppy to do in one place and, from there, to train him to beg outside, you won’t usually need more than 2-3 weeks of work, which means that a pack of 10-20 can be enough, depending on the size of the specimen. If, for various reasons, the mat is used continuously, it will be much more efficient to focus on sets of 60 or even 100 pieces.

The easiest way to buy puppy pads is to look online right now for some sources that provide you with suitable options and to place the order with delivery directly to your home. This way, you save time and, most of the time, money. You can form an opinion on the variety of variants on the Internet by looking at the examples presented by different stores that you can find online. There, you can find different models, sizes, and colors. Just choose the model that fits your needs and use them to make your puppy happy.