The desire for a properly fitting saddle is shared by all riders, but it is not always easy to realize this desire. Therefore, a lot of riders try to get accessories like horse saddle pads. The proper saddle pad is essential for ensuring the security of your horse and saddle. A “Saddle Pad” is a term that typically describes a pad that provides a cozy place to sit on your horse’s back.

A suitable saddle pad that fits correctly is non-negotiable for protecting your horse and saddle. A good saddle pad does more than just provide comfort; it safeguards the back of your horse and prolongs the life of your saddle. A well-fitting saddle pad not only makes your horse more comfortable, but also protects the horse’s back and helps keep your saddle in good condition.

How to Choose the Right Saddle Pad? 

Numerous factors must be taken into consideration when selecting a pad. If you take the time to determine which saddle pad is the best match for you and your horse, you will not be dissatisfied. These are some tips that you should follow while trying to choose the best horse saddle pads:

Choose One That Adapt To The Contours Of Your Horse 

The key to having a saddle pad that will not put pressure on the horse’s spine or withers is to match the contours of the horse’s back and the underside of the saddle. Even pads designed specifically for high-withered or mutton-withered horses are available.

Select The Correct Style 

Saddle pads vary between three particular shapes: square, half, and shaped. Dressage riders typically use square pads in the show ring, while Hunter/Jumper riders are more often seen using shaped pads. Eventers usually wear either type of pad that is colored to match their personality. Half horse saddle pads can be used by themselves or in addition to a square or other shaped pad and are popular among all riding disciplines.

Choose A Good Size

Ensure that the type of pad you use matches the type of saddle you are using. Various styles are kept in consideration while saddles are created. A closer contact pad will have a forward cut and a shorter length, while dressage pads will have a straighter cut and can accommodate a longer flap.

The dimensions of all-purpose horse saddle pads typically vary slightly more and fall somewhere in the middle. For saddles smaller than 16 inches, pony or child saddle pads are additionally available. Make sure that the pad extends just a little bit past the edge of the saddle but not past the horse’s last rib.

Look For An Enhancing Pad For Better Fit

Horse saddle pads should not be used to fix an uncomfortable saddle. Always look for a saddle that fits your horse as comfortably as you can. Even so, there are instances in which saddle pads can enhance saddle fit. To prevent painful pressure, a horse with uneven development, for instance, may benefit from a specially made pad. Another instance of a circumstance where a specialty pad may be a practical solution to enhance saddle fit is an underdeveloped horse following a protracted break from work. A half pad or a pad with shims can frequently be used to handle these situations.

Select The Best Material

There are numerous materials available for horse saddle pads. Due to their capacity for wicking, fleece and cotton are two of the most widely used materials. The fleece could be made of wool or sheepskin, or it could be synthetic. In the majority of cases, cotton and synthetic fleece pads are less expensive and simpler to maintain. Although sheepskin or wool pads can be costly and need special maintenance, they can hold up to three times as much water as cotton does. The interior of the pad, to provide more cushioning and shock absorption, frequently contains:

  • Foam,
  • Gel, and
  • Polyester batting.

Just keep in mind that if your saddle fits your horse perfectly, you might not have enough space to use a thick pad without altering how the saddle rests on your horse.

Final Words

You know the value of a saddle pad on rides since you ride horses. It is critical to consider your horse’s comfort and general well-being in addition to your own stability and comfort. As a result, you should try to choose the best horse saddle pads for your equine friend’s requirements.