Gone are the days when the makeup industry preferred thin, plucked-out brows, nowadays, it’s all about well-groomed and natural-looking eyebrows. If you’re curious about how to draw your brows the right way, then read on for the ultimate eyebrow makeup guide.  

People spend a lot of time getting their eyebrows done, they tweeze them, brush them, and pencil them in. Your eyebrows define your face like no other feature and losing your eyebrow hair can be very upsetting, however, there are other ways to elevate your look without plucking your brows. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you recreate your brows the right way with an yebrow palette 

  • Draw the lines to define the eyebrows 

With the help of your eyebrow makeup kit, draw the lines to define the eyebrows. Use the pointy end on the outside of the nostril to bridge the nose. You can even use a beveled brush with eyebrow pomade to draw the marks while making sure that they align with the inner corner of the eye.  

  • Draw the second guide 

The second mark should land just before the arch’s peak. To find your eyebrow arch, use your eyebrow pencil and place it against the outer nostril diagonally across the eye’s iris ending along the eyebrow just before the peak. 

  • Draw the last mark 

For the last mark, keep your best eyebrow palette and draw on the outer edge of your nose in a diagonal direction pointing towards the eye’s outer corner. Once your guides are a bit marked, you can now create the upper brow line, and add a bit more eyebrow pomade to the brush and draw a soft line starting where the brow begins to where it ends.  

Avoid using a heavy firm grip, instead invest in an eyebrow palette price like Forever 52 that can offer you an airy feel and a soft brow line. If this is your first attempt at drawing brows, practice on paper first. This will give you an idea of how much paint you have on your brush and how soft your lines are.  

End Note 

Once you’ve applied your gel brow, use micellar water to dab away any excess pomade on the brow until the brow looks less drawn and more natural. Always invest in a good stroke brow gel that is buildable and has a wax-gel hybrid formula that delivers fuller-looking brows. This gel will keep your brows in place throughout the day giving you that big brushed-up look. Make sure to always try out your look a couple of times before you wear it outside, this will give you the practice you need to pull it off effortlessly.  

Daily Life Forever52 has a brow gel that makes your eyebrows look fuller and tamed, it’s free from phthalates, parabens, and harmful chemicals along with being vegan and cruelty-free so that you can take your look from day to night.