Choosing a cheap tyre means buying a poor-quality tyre and this is a myth that we will be bust in this article. If you are planning on buying Tyres Stoke On Trent then you can consider us.

We have a wide variety of budget tyres from renowned brands so you don’t need to worry about the quality and we will sometimes give discounts on budget tyres so you can visit our store to know the latest deals.

Replacing your vehicle tyres can be an expensive decision for your pocket and no one wants to throw their hard-earned money down the drain or even worse end up compromising on their safety. By seeing these issues we made a simple guide for buying cheap budget tyres without spending lots of money or putting yourself at risk.

What are Cheap Tyres and Are They Safe?

Budget tyres are a lot cheaper to make because they are made using cheaper materials. This can make the budget tyres less hardy and not quite as long-lasting as their premium brothers, but they are by no means a poor relation.
There is a misconception about cheap tyres that they are poorly made, used by others, pre-loved, and repaired but this isn’t true because manufacturers of cheap tyres must still follow the same safety criteria as premium tyre makers follow.

The way budget tyres position themself will make them the perfect choice for the driver who doesn’t regularly drive long miles on their vehicle and occasionally drives their vehicle for trips around town.

Premium tyres are made by all the renowned brands we know in the market but even these brands may also sell their budget tyres. So you don’t need to worry about the quality of tyres if you choose your preferred budget tyres from these brands.

You can also choose from budget tyre brands that may suit your driving purposes and budget perfectly. It is important to know that a cheap tyre could simply be cheaper because of its less popular brand name, with low recognition in the market.

Look out for budget tyre manufacturers and do your research before making a final decision, but also look out for special deals from premium tyre manufacturers. Sometimes premium brands give huge discounts on their tyres and you can choose tyres from these brands which you trust a bit more.

MOT Stoke On Trent
MOT Stoke On Trent

Tyre Selection for Your Vehicle

All vehicle tyres have different standard sizes so you need to first identify the right tyre size for your vehicle before making any final decision for buying budget tyres.

How to Find the Right Tyre Size for Your Vehicle?

The first step to identifying the right tyre size look at the sidewall of your vehicle tyre. You will see some numbers and letters written on the tyre. Write down those numbers and letters because they give lots of information about your tyre and vehicle.

For explanation, we assume that your vehicle tyre dimensions are 255/55 R17 72H.

You Can Check Tyre Sizes in the Driver or Passenger Door

If you are struggling to find tyre dimensions on tyres then you can check in the driver or passenger door of the vehicle. The tyre dimensions are also mentioned in the vehicle manual and you can also find it in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The manual has all the information relating to the sizes, tyre pressure and other specifications of the tyre.

What Do These Letters and Numbers Mean?

If you are buying your first new tyres chances are you may be overwhelmed by seeing those letters and numbers. Don’t worry at first me too but they are very easy to understand.

Here is a detailed explanation of each number and letter you see on the tyre of your vehicle-

Tyre Width of your Vehicle: (Example: 255)

The tyre width is measured in millimetres, in this case, it is 255mm. This measurement is taken from the maximum width of the midpoint of the sidewall of the tyre to the same point of the opposite sidewall, so it is the maximum overall width of the tyre.

Tyre Aspect Ratio (Example: 55)

The aspect ratio or profile is the height of the tyre sidewall mentioned as a percentage of the tyre’s section width, which in this case is 55%. The smaller the sidewall height of the tyre more improvement you will get in corners.

Tyre Construction (Example: R)

It shows the style of construction of the carcass of the tyre. R Indicates that this tyre is Radial construction which is the most common type of tyre construction nowadays. Vintage vehicles have different types of tyres construction like D which stands for Diagonal construction and B stands for Belted construction.

Wheel Diameter (Example: 17)

This shows the rim diameter which is the size of the wheel the tyre will be fitted on. The number is shown in inches which indicates the diameter of the wheel on which the tyre will be fit.

Load Index (Example: 72)

The load index shows the maximum weight the tyre can hold when travelling at its maximum speed rating, but not exceeding 210km/h. If the load index number shows 72 then your tyre can carry a maximum weight of 355kgs.

Speed Rating (Example: H)

Speed rating indicates the maximum safe speed at which a tyre is capable of carrying a load under certain conditions. Speed ratings range from A (Lowest speed) to Y (Highest speed), with one exception: H falls between U and V. For example: H= 210 km/h (130 mph).


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