English is a universal language. Wherever you are around the world, English becomes the common and accessible mode of communication. Therefore, the inclination towards learning English is far more than any other language. Having said that, you need to connect with the right teachers or institutes to get the best English language training.

So, as you search for spoken English classes near me and look around for the right institute, let us give you a suggestion. At Western Overseas, we offer a dedicated spoken English class that aims to cut the clatter and focus on what is essential when you go abroad to study or work.

Benefits of learning English

Learning English is essential, but why? You can argue that if I am going to France, I should focus on learning French. Well, yes, you are right, but will you encounter only French people during your academic course or professional life? So, you need a language that cuts through all the barriers.

Thus, here are some reasons to focus on spoken English –

Ease of communication: As English is widely regarded as a global language, knowing it solves your primary communication issues. Irrespective of the country you are in, you can talk to people during your studies or job and get through your day’s work easily.

Helps in academics: The major universities across the world have English as their mode of instruction as they host students from across the world. So, knowing the language helps you understand lectures, participate in classroom discussions, complete assignments, etc., without any trouble.

Better professional opportunities: Like academics, English is also widely used in the professional field. It means proficiency in English can open up a multitude of opportunities for you in terms of your career. It also improves your chances to collaborate and interact with other people.

Personal growth: Going abroad to study or work is often regarded as a chance for personal development. And knowing the English language ensures you can interact and integrate yourself with other cultures and widen your worldview. This also helps you to navigate through the lifestyle of a foreign country.

Now, to make the most of these benefits, you need reputed spoken English classes near me. So, let’s understand how these institutions can help you.

How can a spoken English course help you?

A spoken English course aims to make you comfortable with the language and its nuances to help you converse comfortably. So, here is an overview of what you can expect from spoken English classes near me –

Building your vocabulary: A spoken English course first focuses on building your vocabulary. Since, without an extensive stock of words, you may face difficulties conveying your emotions; these courses first aim to resolve that. Here, you learn synonyms and antonyms, idioms, phrases and their correct application, colloquial terms, etc.

Correcting your pronunciation: Alongside building your stock of words, these courses also focus on correcting your pronunciation. Once you speak the words correctly, it also helps you to use them properly and build confidence.

Working on the grammar: Once you have a hang of the words and pronunciation, the focus shifts to the grammar. You need to write and speak grammatically correct English to achieve the desired results. Here, you learn the basics of English grammar, like verbs, tenses, etc.

Achieving fluency: Once the first three targets are achieved, the best spoken English classes will shift their attention to improving your fluency. But, along with the teachers, you also need to put in the work by reading newspapers and talking to others in English. Once you achieve fluency, it will also give you the confidence to converse.

These are the primary objectives that every spoken English class follows. Having said that, the particulars of the curriculum will be different for each training institute. Similarly, for Western Overseas, we have two particular courses for you to explore if you want to improve spoken English. These are –

  • General English Speaking Course
  • Online Sessions for practising English speaking

With these courses, you will not only achieve fluency in speaking English but also prepare for exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

Final thoughts

The ability to write and speak English comfortably can open many doors for you, both personally and professionally. It will also fulfil your dream of travelling abroad for studies and work. Therefore, you need to enrol in the right spoken English class to make the most of these opportunities.