QuickBooks, Intuit’s flagship accounting software, is a favorite among small and medium-sized enterprises for its ability to efficiently handle financial transactions, payroll, and sales. However, like any software, it’s not immune to issues. One common problem users may encounter is QuickBooks Error 80070057, characterized by the error message, “The parameter is incorrect.” This error usually pops up when QuickBooks lacks the permission to access a company file. Let’s dive into the causes of this error and outline steps to fix it.

Why Does QuickBooks Error 80070057 Occur?

Identifying the reasons behind Error 0x80070057 is crucial for resolving it. Here are the main causes:

  1. Direct File Opening: Opening a QuickBooks file by double-clicking it rather than using the QuickBooks interface can lead to this error.
  2. Connectivity Glitches: If the company file is hosted on a different machine or server within a network, connectivity issues can prevent file access.
  3. Security Software Blocking: Firewalls or antivirus programs might restrict QuickBooks’ access to the network or the file itself.
  4. Faulty QuickBooks Setup: Errors during QuickBooks installation could be the root of the problem.
  5. Restricted File Access: Lack of proper permissions for accessing the folder with the company file can block QuickBooks from opening it.
  6. Software Conflicts: Other software on your computer may interfere with QuickBooks operations.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 80070057

Overcoming Error 80070057 involves a series of troubleshooting steps. Proceed with these solutions until the error is resolved:

Step 1: Correct Way to Open File

Ensure you’re opening the file through QuickBooks:

  1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. From the “File” menu, choose “Open or Restore Company.”
  3. Find your company file, select it, and then click “Open.”

Step 2: Keep QuickBooks Updated

Updating QuickBooks can resolve many issues:

  • Inside QuickBooks Desktop, head to the “Help” menu and select “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • Hit “Update Now,” then “Get Updates.”
  • Restart QuickBooks after the update.

Step 3: Deploy QuickBooks File Doctor

The QuickBooks Tool Hub includes File Doctor for fixing file-related issues:

  • Download and open the QuickBooks Tool Hub from Intuit’s official website.
  • Navigate to the “Company File Issues” tab and select “Run QuickBooks File Doctor.”
  • Choose your company file for the tool to diagnose and repair the issue.

Step 4: Check Network and File Permissions

If your setup is networked:

  • Ensure the network is stable and the host machine or server is reachable.
  • Verify you have the right permissions for the folder with the company file.

Step 5: Reconfigure Firewall and Antivirus

Adjust your security settings:

  • Set up your firewall to allow QuickBooks files on all computers.
  • Ensure your antivirus isn’t flagging QuickBooks as a potential threat.

Step 6: Eliminate Software Interference

If suspecting other software:

  • Disable or uninstall the conflicting software temporarily.
  • Try accessing the QuickBooks file again.

Step 7: Perform a Clean Install with QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

A clean installation may be necessary for stubborn issues:

  • Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to rename old installation folders.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop to resolve installation file corruption.


Error 80070057 in QuickBooks can be a hurdle, but with these comprehensive steps, you should be able to get back to managing your business finances with ease. If the issue lingers, don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from QuickBooks Support or a professional IT service. Always remember, regular backups of your QuickBooks company files are essential for protecting your data against unforeseen errors.