Umrah is an act of worship and devotion toward our Creator Allah (SWT). Although it’s a lesser pilgrimage, it is significant for the Muslim community. This spiritual journey pulls all the Muslims with different backgrounds from all over the world to one place where they can pray to Allah (SWT). Apart from its tremendous spiritual nature, everyone should consider various practical factors when visiting Mecca for Umrah during summer. Remember, the weather in Saudi Arabia during summer is very hot. Pilgrims can face various hassles when completing their religious duties during this time. To tackle these issues, travellers should follow various exceptional guidelines, including choosing the right time, staying hydrated, etc. Considering these guidelines will enable you to accomplish your minor pilgrimage comfortably in summer.

Let’s explore further information about performing Umrah comfortably in the summer  below:

Choose the Right Time:

The first and foremost thing while going for any kind of travel is to select the dates according to your preference. This means on those chosen dates you should be able to perform your duties with concentration and sincerity. Although the weather in Saudi Arabia during the summer is unbearably hot, it’s best to avoid these months like July, August, and September. Try going in the early cooler months of summer like May or June. In these months atmosphere of the Saudi Arabia is relatively mild compared to other months. If you already made up your mind about going to Umrah in the hot months due to any circumstances it is advised that you should prefer early morning or evening timing to undertake the rituals of Umrah.

Stay Hydrated:

Also while performing the Umrah ritual it’s advised to stay hydrated. Carry along a water bottle to stay hydrated from time to time. Some rituals during pilgrimage need to be performed by walking long distances and performing rituals under the high temperature of the sun which might lead you to dehydration if you don’t prioritize safety precautions.

Here are some tips to stay hydrated during Umrah.

  • Drink an adequate amount of water
  • Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks
  • Eat hydrating foods
  • Stay indoors during peak heat hours
  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Rest from time to time
  • Use a misting fan or spray bottle

Dress Accordingly:

Now if we talk about dressing during the Umrah. For men, it’s already enough to perform rituals with comfort, and for women, they should stay covered as explained by the Prophet’s teachings. But make sure to wear lightweight and comfortable attire to ensure health and safety. Remember, wearing two white unstitched sheets, which are also known as Ihram clothes, is essential for men when performing the pilgrimage to Mecca. Also, pack some extra loose-fitting clothes to accompany you will visiting malls and restaurants.

Use Sun Protection:

While going for the Umrah travel during summer, it is highly advised to avoid long-time sun exposure and take safety precautions. There are many things you can do to prevent yourself from the sun scorching heat by wearing breathable and full sleeves clothes which will cover your body. Moreover, buy light color clothes which will help reflect the sunlight although it will help you make a slight change it will be good. The best thing while performing Umrah is to seek shade where you find one rest for some time. Sunshades with ultraviolet glass will help you prevent any eye damage. Last but not least wear a cap to cover up your head.

Smart Practices during Umrah:

Utilize Air-Conditioned Shelters:

The best way to stay in any accommodation during summer is to book an air-conditioned room to relieve your faith and high body temperature. Also while performing Umrah when you are thinking about having a rest make sure to look for an air-conditioned area or tent to balance your body temperature and prevent any heatstroke.

Cooling Towels and Sprays:

The best thing to carry along while performing Umrah rituals are cold wet towels and cold body spray making sure it’s scentless. These things will provide you instant relief by lowering your body heat and balancing your temperature. Use them when you feel your body temperature rising.

Seek Medical Assistance:

There have been many situations in the past years of pilgrims performing Umrah and getting medically ill pretty fast. It is advised for you to call for health staff if you feel any kind of change in your health condition. Also, there are many medical tents in the vicinity for that reason.


Performing Umrah with ease during summer is a big concern for travellers around the world. However, you can tackle this issue by following various exceptional guidelines, including staying hydrated, dressing according to the weather, etc. Considering these guidelines will enable you to complete your religious duties with ease if you plan your Umrah trip in July or August.