Performing the sacred ritual of Umrah is a dream come true for almost every Muslim around the world. For Muslims living in UK, embarking on this holy journey can be a life-changing experience. It is important to plan the Umrah trip with care and attention to the essential points. Muslims traveling for Umrah can avoid any anticipated problems by planning ahead. A hassle-free Umrah journey requires proper attention to booking all the necessary facilities like accommodation, flights and transfers. Let’s go through the step-by-step planning and tips to know how to plan a smooth Umrah trip from UK.

Booking in Advance:

Booking travel arrangements in advance is critical for making a successful Umrah journey from the UK. Here is the detail of required points for booking the trip from UK to Saudi Arabia:

Flights: The most important aspect to consider while booking an Umrah trip is the flight, so plan in advance. Muslims traveling from UK have more options for Umrah travel through various airlines. Be careful when booking flights as there are peak seasons like during Ramadan and holiday time when flight prices are high and you may miss out on your desired airline. Planning in advance helps you finding reasonable deals offered by travel agencies and various airline options to choose as well.

Accommodations: Planning makes opportunities, so in terms of choosing hotel facilities from class in Hotels to proximity to the Haram these factors comes in it. Hotel options suggested by travel operator can be checked online by visiting the hotel websites or in Google reviews. There are budget-friendly and luxury hotel options for Umrah travelers in Makah and Madinah. Similar to flight options, your desired hotel availability might condensed and cost may increase during peak seasons. So be wise when planning to meet the required option for accommodation.

Transfers: Pre-book the transport facility to take the stress out of the hassle of self-booking transfers from the airport to hotels and for visiting holy sites.

Remember, flights, accommodations, transportation, etc. are the main elements of any Umrah package. Every traveller has their own specific needs and requirements. The best Umrah package caters to the particular preferences of every traveller. Finding the best travel packages for the pilgrimage to Mecca is crucial for a smooth experience. This is only possible when you consider some exceptional guidelines/tips for getting Umrah packages from the UK.

Learning Greetings in Arabic:

Learning some greetings in Arabic is another main factor for a successful Umrah trip. “Aslaamun Alaikum” (peace be upon you) Islamic greeting said on meeting a fellow Muslim and “Wa Alaikum Aslaam” (may peace be upon you) is a responsive phrase for it. There is a word used for thanking is “Shukran” in Arabic and also learn other basic phrases that can help for interacting with Arabic speaking people.
Learning some important Arabic phrases can help in many ways like direction for restaurants and tea shops or to know any necessary information.

Respect local customs:                                                                                                                         

When traveling in to Saudi Arabia where the traditional dress is thawb for men and abaya for women. Both the men and women are wear a dress that covers the whole body and for covering head women use scarf and men use keffiyyeh. According to Islamic principles, one can wear loose clothing that covers the entire body. So wear similar clothing to show respect to local customs.

Moreover, be aware of the interaction of social etiquette with the opposite gender and public behavior. Avoid noise or disruptive behavior when visiting religious sites to show respect for local customs.

Choosing Reputable Tour Operator:

Where we can get the best Umrah Packages? is a big concern for every Umrah traveller. The answer is very simple; there are tour agencies operating specific for the Umrah travel in UK, search for a company that has a good reputation to trust. Make sure while choosing the tour operator, they must be licensed by the relevant authority like ATOL (Air Travel Organizer’s Licensing) protected. The track record can be checked online through Google reviews and by reading customer feedback regarding the reputation of the tour operator. To get a hassle-free Umrah tour, choose an operator that offers a complete tour and full assistance. Opt for operators who provide a complete package including Visa processing, flight tickets, hotel rooms and transportation and touring holy sites. Ensure the commitment stays the same which was set by the both ends.


Saudi Arabia’s desert climate can be harsh, so staying hydrated is essential to avoid dehydration.         Pack essential items that favor the climate of Arabian region like comfortable clothes, medicines etc.      Keep all travel and identity documents along for escaping unfortunate situations while visiting holy sites or moving around.