Waxing is the finest way to obtain incredibly smooth skin, whether you’re heading off on vacation, have a big event coming up, or just want to be hair-free.

At any hair salon upper Thomson in Singapore, the experts are available to provide professional tips and waxing services so you may feel your most attractive and confident self.

It’s a good idea to prep your skin before waxing in order to get the most out of your wax. This will make it more likely that you won’t have any negative side effects and that your skin will become flawlessly smooth.

The same is true with waxing aftercare; if you have the appropriate information, you may prolong the life of your wax.

Expert tips by hair salon upper Thomson for full body waxing preparation are explained in this brief guide. So, let’s get started.

Let Your Hair Grow to The Correct Length

To allow yourself to grow your hair to the appropriate length, make sure you schedule your appointment well in advance.

To give your hair time to grow back, schedule your waxing session for two to three weeks following shaving.

Anything less than that can make it more difficult for the wax to adhere. Anything more than that could make the waxing procedure more unpleasant.

Steer Clear of Certain Beverages

While we all enjoy a well-made cocktail or a cup of coffee in the morning, you should forgo your standing wax appointment if it falls within two to three hours of happy hour or a caffeine fix.

Avoid stimulants like coffee or alcohol as this increases your skin’s sensitivity to pain. In this situation, staying hydrated with water is the recommended course of action.

Avoid Moisturizing on The Day of Your Waxing Session

Don’t moisturize right before your appointment, whether it’s for a back wax or something else on your body.

Moisturize in the days before; but, if you do so the same day, the moisturizer may keep the wax from sticking.

It is advised to moisturize right up until the day of your visit because this will facilitate a more painless and easy release of the wax.

Steer Clear of Tight Clothes

Though it may not occur to you, your clothing selection should be considered part of your pre-waxing skin prep process because ingrown hairs might appear out of the blue, particularly if the skin isn’t properly cared for after waxing.

First, wear your favorite maxi dress or loose slacks to your appointment and breathable cotton undies. This will help you avoid irritation or ingrown hairs.

It is always best to ditch the tight-fit clothing post wax to avoid any irritation. The wax area should not be enclosed, as it can cause ingrown hairs and breakouts.

Gently Exfoliate

Before getting your entire body waxed, you can feel pressured to exfoliate your skin. Overly rough exfoliation in the days preceding your visit may cause sensitive skin and increased discomfort during the waxing process.

The day before your session, exfoliate your skin using a rougher-textured washcloth for the ideal amount of exfoliation.

A salicylic acid-containing product for hair types that are coarse. Salicylic acid can treat existing ingrown hairs while preventing new ones from forming.

This ingredient can penetrate deep into the skin while clearing out any buildup that is blocking the hairs from coming to the surface.

The Nicest Skin Is Freshly Cleansed.

Make sure your skin is clean and freshly cleaned before applying the wax. Oily skin may make it difficult for the wax to stick, causing some stray hairs to remain behind.

Also, there will be reduced possibility of irritation following the procedure because all traces of perspiration and makeup will be eliminated from your skin.

Remember to dry your skin thoroughly with a clean towel, as wax won’t stick to damp skin.  The experts at hair salon upper Thomson recommend washing your waxing area around an hour or so before the wax so that it will be completely dry for the treatment.

It’s important to completely dry your skin with a fresh towel because moist skin will not allow wax to adhere. To ensure that the waxing area is fully dry for the procedure, we advise cleaning it about an hour before applying the wax.

Wrap Up

Though it’s a common solution to keep your skin smooth and hairless for weeks, waxing isn’t something you should do on a whim.

Your skin requires some preparation to reduce irritation and help you obtain the best results, whether you’re waxing a smaller region like your upper lip and eyebrows or a bigger area like your legs, back, or chest.

For more information, get in touch with the experts at hair salon upper Thomson today.