Wondering how to sponsor your parents in UAE? This comprehensive guide will provide you necessary details about the requirements, application process, and legal considerations to facilitate an integrated sponsorship experience for your loved ones.

Getting a parent’s visa in the UAE is critically important for expats who are eager to unite with their families. Administered by specific eligibility criteria and legal prerequisites, this process allows them to bring their parents to live with them in the UAE. However, it involves careful planning and adherence to the immigration policies. So, whether you are planning a long-term stay or a renewable residency visa for your parents, this guide will facilitate your decision.

UAE Residence Visa for family members

The holders of UAE residence visas can sponsor residence visas for their respective families. As opposed to the previous regulations, individuals are now allowed to sponsor their families irrespective of their job titles. However, they have to meet the minimum salary requirements. In addition, any family member above the age of 18 has to undergo a medical fitness examination.        

Criteria to Sponsor Your Parents in UAE

Expats who hold a valid residence permit/visa in the UAE can obtain visas for their families to reside in the country with them. However, they need to meet a minimum salary requirement of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation. Similarly, family members who are over 18 years old have to undergo medical fitness tests at approved health centers in the UAE. 

Key points to note:-

  • In certain circumstances, a mother is allowed to sponsor her children, if approved by the ICP.
  • If the dependents are under an entry permit in the UAE, then the resident sponsor must apply for their residence visa within 60 days of entry.
  • Residents can sponsor their parents, and the residence visa is issued annually irrespective of the resident’s visa duration.
  • The profession of an expatriate worker is not mandatory for sponsoring family visas.
  • Individuals who fail to clear the medical test or are deemed medically unfit will not be eligible for a residence visa in the UAE.
  • If any resident is diagnosed with dormant or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis, they would be considered medically fit. However, they can obtain a one-year ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’ depending on the treatment and follow-up provided by the relevant health authority.
  • The above-mentioned requirements are subject to change periodically. Hence, it is advisable to consult the visa expert of Shuraa Business Setup for the latest updates.

Sponsoring your spouse and children

As mentioned, an expatriate resident must meet certain sponsorship requirements to sponsor residence visas for his wife and children. For instance, to sponsor a wife, the individual must present a duly attested marriage certificate as evidence of a valid marital relationship.

  • Sponsoring two wives – In exceptional circumstances, a Muslim resident is allowed to sponsor two wives if they succeed in meeting specific terms and conditions established by the ICP.
  • Sponsoring daughters and sons – Sponsoring unmarried daughters without any age restrictions is permitted. However, for sons, the age is limited to 25. Nonetheless, sons with special needs or who are disabled can be sponsored without any age restrictions.
  • Sponsoring newborns – When a baby is born in the UAE, the parents must apply for a residence visa within 120 days of birth to avoid penalties.
  • Sponsoring stepchildren – The GDRFA has set specific conditions for sponsoring stepchildren in the UAE. For example, a specific amount of deposit for each child, a written no-objection certificate from the biological parent, etc.

Documents required to sponsor wife and children

The necessary documents to sponsor the wife and children to the UAE are as follows: –

  • Completed application form
  • Passport copies and photographs of the wife and children
  • Medical clearance certificate for wife and children aged 18 and above
  • Husband’s employment contract or company agreement
  • Salary certificate indicating the husband’s monthly salary
  • Marriage certificate (Attested)
  • Registered tenancy contract

Cancellation of residency permit

The residence visas of the family members are linked to the residence visa of the sponsor. This simply means, that if the sponsor’s visa is canceled, the dependants’ visa will also stand canceled. However, they are given a 6-month grace period to apply for a new residence permit. If the sponsor fails to renew or cancel the dependant’s visa, it could result in fines.

Residence Visa for dependents of UAE citizens

If the spouse, parent, or child of a UAE citizen holds a foreign passport, then they can get a residence visa for 5 years without the requirement of employment in the UAE, provided they are sponsored by the UAE citizen. Similarly, if the mother of the UAE citizen is a foreign widow or divorced woman, she can also get a UAE residence visa without the necessity of employment.    

Duration and Renewal Procedure for Parent Residency Visas

The validity period of a parent residency visa may differ based on regulations. However, it needs to be renewed upon its expiration. The renewal process includes the submission of updated documents like evidence of financial stability, accommodation details, and maintenance of a valid relationship with the sponsored parents.

Fees to Sponsor Your Parents in UAE

To sponsor parents, the employed expatriate resident must obtain a medical insurance policy for each parent and meet the minimum salary requirement. The cost of the visa depends on the duration and the type of visa.  However, for sponsoring parents, it would be charged under the family visa category.

Although the residency visa stays valid for one year, if the sponsor holds a UAE golden visa, they can apply for a golden visa for their parents aligning with their visa duration. Also, there is also a warranty fee every sponsor must pay while applying for a parent residency visa.

The visa experts of Shuraa can guide you about the overall cost to sponsor your parents in UAE and help you avail your visas at reasonable prices.

Rules to apply for Parent Residency Visas

  • Familiarize yourself with all the requirements
  • Compile full documentation
  • Confirm that all necessary documents are updated and accurately prepared.
  • Stay informed about associated fees.
  • Start the process well before the visa expiry at the latest possible time before it is too late
  • Be prepared for medical examinations
  • Keep a check on the visa validity and make use of the online tools offered by immigration authorities.
  • Seek expert counsel from a reputable visa consultant like Shuraa.

Visit Visa for Family

Before formalizing the sponsorship, the UAE residents also have the facility to apply for 90-day entry permits for their family members. This involves the submission of the following documents: –

  • Passport-size photograph of the family member
  • Passport copy of the family member
  • Resident’s Emirates ID
  • Proof of residence (lease contract or hotel reservation)
  • Return flight ticket

Safeguard your family’s future in the UAE with Shuraa

It requires vehement dedication and careful attention to detail to sponsor your parents in UAE. Shuraa Business Setup can guarantee a smooth and successful visa application by comprehensively preparing all required documents, helping you understand the legal implications, and thereby adhering to residency regulations. 

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