Have you heard any success stories of how Hughes’ approach to mindfulness has helped troubled youth?

Yes, there are several success stories of how Zen Master Hughes’ approach to mindfulness has helped change society. Here are a few examples:

One of the most notable cases is that of susan, a 15-year-old girl who described herself as a “tough chick” before she came to the center. After participating in the meditation and mindfulness programs, she reportedly changed significantly. Her brother, Joe, also benefited from the program. Before he joined, Joey was involved in drugs and alcohol and was seen as “cool.” Through the meditation center, he was able to reflect on his actions and change his behavior 1.

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Another case is of Jon Hanson, a businessman who initially came to the center for martial arts training but ended up staying for the Zen teachings. Before joining the center, his identity was consumed with “being successful and making money.” The mindfulness and self-awareness he gained from the center helped him shift his focus 1.

These examples illustrate how Hughes’ approach to mindfulness can help individuals, particularly those dealing with challenging circumstances, to gain self-awareness and make positive changes in their lives. His teachings and practices provide a structured method for self-reflection and self-improvement, which can be particularly beneficial for troubled youth who may be struggling with negative behaviors or attitudes 1.

Zen Master Hughes, also known as Roshi, is a remarkable individual deeply rooted in the practice of Zen Buddhism New York. Let’s delve into his story:

Background and Practice:

Roshi Hughes has dedicated his life to the path of Zen. As a Zen Master, he embodies the teachings of mindfulness, compassion, and enlightenment.

His journey is unique. The influence of Zen shaped his understanding of impermanence, interconnectedness, and the nature of existence.

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Zazen, the seated meditation practice, forms the core of his daily routine. In the stillness of the zendo, he cultivates awareness, seeking direct insight into the true nature of reality.

Teaching and Transmission:

Roshi has guided countless students on their spiritual quests. His teachings emphasize experiential understanding over intellectual concepts.

He often shares koans—paradoxical questions or statements—as tools for awakening. These koans challenge the mind, inviting direct experience beyond dualistic thinking.

Transmission of the Dharma—the living wisdom of Zen—from teacher to student is a sacred process. Roshi Hughes has transmitted the lineage to several successors, ensuring its continuity.

Engaged Buddhism:

Beyond the meditation cushion, Roshi embodies engaged Buddhism. He believes that practice extends beyond the temple walls into everyday life.

His humanitarian work includes serving marginalized communities, advocating for social justice, and promoting environmental stewardship.

Dana, the practice of selfless giving, is central to his approach. Whether through community service or environmental conservation, he encourages compassionate action. Incorporating principles rooted in Zen Buddhism, Dana exemplifies a profound commitment to altruism in the vibrant context of New York.

Silent Illumination:

Roshi Hughes resonates with the Silent Illumination (Chinese: mozhao) tradition. This approach emphasizes direct awareness,  without reliance on specific techniques or concepts.

In the silence of meditation, he merges subject and object, dissolving boundaries. The light of awakening illuminates the present moment, revealing inherent wisdom.

Because of his unique history He was given the Name Shin Kai Kosei which means

 Deep sea generous life

Legacy and Impact:

The Dainoshin ji temple, under his guidance, has become a sanctuary for seekers. Its serene gardens, wooden halls, and incense-filled air invite contemplation.

Visitors from diverse backgrounds find solace in the temple. Some seek answers, while others simply sit in silence, absorbing the energy of centuries-old practice.

Roshi Hughes’s legacy extends beyond his lifetime. His teachings ripple through time, touching hearts and inspiring awakening.

In summary, Zen Master Hughes embodies the essence of Zen: a harmonious blend of meditation, compassion, and engaged action. His presence enriches the spiritual landscape, inviting us all to awaken to our true nature. 🙏🌸




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