iDock B30 kvm switch docking station to switch between three computers

KVM Switch and Docking Station

AV Access newly issued its product collection KVM switch Docking Station in 2023 where it reinvents the KVM switch by combining the features of a docking station. This is guided by the real needs of our users. Due to various reasons – maybe the popularity of working from home, or the growing habits of using multiple computers, adding a laptop to a desktop setup, and sharing the whole set of equipment with it is the trend.

It’s just normal now for an individual to have more than one PC for various purposes. In most cases, a laptop is almost a must-have as it is super portable and fits in perfectly with a hybrid work mode. The problem is manufacturers tend to make laptops simple and light with fewer ports and connectors available. To make things easy for our users, a KVM switch docking station allows them to share keyboard, mouse, monitors, and other USB peripherals between multiple computers, so that they can have a multiple-PC setup that works smoothly like one, and the laptop can have the docking feature to help expand its connectivity.

Two Desktop PCs and a Laptop

A typical use case is that a user may have a work PC to deal with work, another PC for personal use or gaming, and a laptop for working from home and in the office. When they are all placed in the same room, the user would need a solution to make them work like a system. For example, three computers can use all the needed peripherals – a keyboard, a mouse, one or more monitors, and other necessary devices without hassle. Secondly, the user can easily switch to the computer he or she wants to work on.

A KVM switch docking station is designed for this use. It’s like a hub connecting all three computers to your output & control devices, and you can route any one of them to the front to work on. If you’re using multiple computers, without a KVM switch, you may face problems like:

  • Frequent plugging and unplugging of the peripherals’ cables to switch between systems
  • Cable cluster on the desk
  • Not enough connecting ports to link your monitors to more PCs
  • Bad ergonomic setup that twists your body each time from one computer to another
  • Investing in multiple adapters to solve the problem above

Work in Your Home Office Like a Pro

A nice ergonomic chair and a height-adjustable desk are smart investments in building your home office workspace, so is a KVM switch docking station if you are working on multiple systems inevitably. The key is to make your workspace cozy and make the working process smooth and easy.

 Work with Your Laptop

Imagine that you come home with your laptop and a job comes in. You sit in front of your desk where there are two monitors, a decent mechanical keyboard you love typing on, and a mouse that is easier for you to control than a touchpad. Just plug in a USB-C cable to your laptop, and all the devices you have prepared for your desktop will be available now to use for the laptop. You have two big screens to put folders at hand, to browse, and to see your colleagues’ faces if you’re having a remote meeting.

At least for me, I am tired of looking for the small hub or adapter every time I want to connect my MacBook to an extended monitor, my hard drive, or the USB 4K web camera I bought for my meetings and Facetime. One USB-C cable will connect my MacBook to everything I have on the desk. It also helps charge my laptop, so I can remove the big charging adapter away from my workspace.

What you can get with an iDock KVM switch docking station:

  • Easily integrate your laptop into your desktop setup using one USB-C cable
  • Nice cable declutter gadget to keep your desk neat
  • Connect your  laptop to 2 monitors with no hassle
  • Keep your laptop charged without keeping a bulky adapter on your desk
  • Easily switch between different systems

Switch between Your PCs

In the middle of a hectic workday, your laptop is buzzing with activity. Meanwhile, you wanna switch to your work PC, the powerhouse for heavy-duty tasks like video editing or designing. When you get off work, you would love to route to the game PC, dive into virtual worlds, and get relaxed. With iDock B30, you can switch to any one of the systems with a press. With the press of a button, your keyboard, mouse, monitors, and other peripherals will be under the command of the desktop or laptop you wanna control. The transition is seamless and the KVM causes no lag between your devices.

iDock KVM Switch Coming Up

Currently, AV Access has released two models of KVM switch docking station, iDock C10 to connect a laptop and a desktop, and iDock B30 to link a laptop and 2 desktop PCs. Both of them are warmly welcomed by our users. We also heard some feedback and voices asking for variant designs. We have taken them seriously and new designs will be coming up in a few months. We will be releasing two new models

  • iDock C20 for a dual laptop setup
  • iDock D23 to connect two desktops to triple monitors

Thanks for your support. Follow our YouTube channel to keep informed of our updates. See you then!