Do you carry a pocket knife daily? Maybe you’re a collector or a camper or a hunter? Either way, there are lots of great options out there in brands that produce both fixed and pocket knives. So how do you pick the best one?

Here are some of the best quality pocket knife brands in the industry. There’s quality in each of their catalogs.

  • Cold Steel: Best known for its outrageous marketing videos, Cold Steel still makes some high-quality pocket knives. They also make a wide range of fixed blades, axes, tomahawks, shovels, and other tools.


  • Buck: Buck is a classic among classics, and chiefly utilizes its famous corrosion resistant 420HC blade steel. Many are made in the United States; top models include the Buck 110 Folding Hunter and 119 Special.
  • Gerber: Gerber is another American icon that has produced a lot of quality models, including the Gerber Gator and Paraframe.
  • Ontario Knife Company: One of the most infamous folding knife designs is that of the RAT I (or RAT II) both of which are made by OKC.
  • ESEE: ESEE is only on here for the Avispa and Churp. For the most part, they make fixed blades, but the few folders they do make are excellent.


  • Rough Ryder: Rough Ryder makes everyday carry (EDC) pocket knives from premium materials in traditional patterns like Stockman, Sowbelly, and Trapper knives. The quality rivals Case (below) but the price can’t be matched.
  • Case: Case makes classic pocket knives in America from high-quality scale materials such as bone and antler, with “Tru-Sharp” stainless steel blades.
  • Great Eastern Cutlery: Great Eastern Cutlery, also affectionately referred to as GEC, makes traditional pocket knives with 1095 blade steel, which, though it rusts, is tough, strong, and holds an edge.


  • Artisan Cutlery: Made in China, Artisan Cutlery pocket knives offer incredible value across a wide price range.
  • CJRB: CJRB is Artisan Cutlery’s subsidiary and primarily makes quality pocket knives at budget prices – but not at budget quality.


  • CRKT: CRKT, or Columbia River Knife and Tool, makes many a quality knife, including the Squid, M16, Pilar, and CEO – among many others.
  • Kizer Knives: Kizer is another Chinese company but makes a wide range of quality folding knives, such as the Sheepdog and Begleiter.


  • Kubey: Kubey is a Chinese knife manufacturer that makes high-quality pocket knives to meet a wide range of budgets.


  • Schrade: Many Schrade pocket knives are highly affordable, and their product range is very wide. They are very popular among the budget conscious.
  • Opinel: This French company makes a variety of conventional, collar lock folding knives. The collar lock can be removed for compliance with local laws.
  • Benchmade: Though relatively new, Benchmade pioneered the AXIS lock mechanism that revolutionized the knife industry.
  • Kershaw: Makers of Composite Blade Technology and SpeedSafe Assisted Opening that make it easier to open the blade, Kershaw is a favorite in the industry.
  • Spyderco: Immediately recognizable thanks to their leaf shaped blades and Spyderholes instead of thumb studs, Spyderco makes many quality knives in a variety of styles, sizes, and blade lengths.
  • Zero Tolerance: Zero Tolerance knives are a bit pricey, but they use premium knife steels and scale materials and boast peerless fit and finish.
  • Victorinox: Victorinox is best known for its pocket knives, especially the SD Classic, which is quite a small knife. Still, they use quality materials and are impossibly affordable – but not cheap in quality.

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