No doubt, Ashok Leyland and Tata manufacturers have brought a superb range of models. But today, you will know about the series of these manufacturers. Both are reliable and affordable options preferred by fleet owners. 

So, if you’re looking for durable and powerful models, choose Ashok Leyland Dost and Tata Ultra models. They have various features to meet your business needs. Read further about these models for better understanding. 

Ashok Leyland Dost Series

The Ashok Leyland series features eight flagship models with prices ranging from Rs 7.25 Lakh to Rs 9.47 Lakh in India. It offers different body types in pickup, mini trucks, and tempo traveler operating Diesel or CNG fuel variants. Also, their power output ranges from 58 HP to 70 HP, ensuring manageable speed for last-mile deliveries. 

Offering 1 mini truck and tempo traveler each and 6 pickups, the Ashok Leyland aims to meet diverse business needs. Among all models, the Ashok Leyland Dost pickup is highly expensive, starting from Rs. 8.72 to Rs. 9.47 Lakh. 

Tata Ultra Series

The Tata Ultra trucks are the go-to choice in the transportation sector, ensuring efficiency and quick turnaround times. These trucks incorporate advanced technology and guarantee high profits with excellent mileage. 

They’re available in Diesel, LNG, CNG, and Electric variants, with robust body structures. Also, they offer high payload capacity and fuel-efficient engines, showcasing versatility. They have become a reliable choice for the Indian market.

Tata Ultra price is affordable for fleet owners, ranging between Rs. 10.70 and 38.34 Lakh. The series includes 22 flagship models, which provide for heavy-duty trucks, tippers and trailers. Some popular models are Ultra 1918 T, T.14 Ultra, T.9 Ultra, and Ultra 2821. T. 

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