Italian food is loved around the globe. There’s just something about Italian cuisine that transforms the simplest ingredients into meals that are out-of-this-world good. And food in Italy isn’t just about eating—it’s a big part of the culture, too. And if you want to understand what Italian food is truly all about, it’s time to embark on an Italy food tour.


Imagine walking through lively markets packed with the freshest veggies and fruits, then sitting down to eat dishes made from recipes that have been handed down for several generations. Italy Luxury Tours takes you around to try all the amazing gastronomy the country is famous for. You’ll learn why each bite is pretty much perfect!


We don’t just stop at letting you taste delightful dishes. Italy Luxury Tours also gives you a chance to cook them! You’ll get the chance to join cooking classes and learn from the best chefs who are happy to show you how to make classic Italian dishes the right way. It’s a fun and easy way to get a real taste of Italy’s cooking secrets.


And we can’t leave out the wine (because you can’t talk about Italy without mentioning its awesome oenology). During your Italy food tour, you will get to try some of the finest bottles you’ll absolutely love. We’ll take you through rolling vineyards to sip on the country’s best. Plus, you’ll learn all the simple secrets of wine from the experts who make everything happen!


We find the most wonderful spots for you to dine, from rustic farms nestled amongst lush landscapes to charming trattorias in the heart of historic villages. Expect to indulge in the finest spreadsin the most picturesque settings. And upscale comfort? It’s part of the package at Italy Luxury Tours because we believe in feasting in style. Our selection includes exclusive wine tastings under the stars and gourmet meals prepared by renowned chefs, making every meal an event to remember.


Tuscany Italy food tour


If you’re looking for food tours in Italy that will linger on your palate and in your heart, then our Tuscany food and wine estate tour is the perfect choice! Starting in the Montalcino/Montepulciano area, your guide will drive you to see world-famous and beautiful vineyards where you’ll get to taste top-notch wines.


Then, you’ll visit San Gimignano, Siena, and the Chianti region. These old towns look like they’re something straight out of a novel, and they’ve got great food, too! Our food tours in Italy allow you to immerse yourself in hands-on culinary experiences, like picking olives and trying out different cheeses. Yum!


The final stop is Florence. It’s a city that’ll wow you with pretty buildings and cozy little squares. Here, you’ll meet a chef who’ll teach you to cook a tasty Tuscan lunch in a private lesson. Such interactive experiences not only hone your cooking skills but also deepen your appreciation for Tuscan cuisine while giving you new kitchen skills that you can proudly show off back home.

Sicily private food and wine extravaganza


Join us on an 11-day, laid-back tour through Sicily, starting with a warm welcome in Palermo. Our Sicily Italy food tour package takes you to Segesta, Erice, Trapani, and Mazara del Vallo where you can join cooking classes and wine tastings that highlight Sicily’s best flavors.


You will also enjoy a dive deep into the wine-making process and feast on dishes from some of the island’s most skilled chefs. Our cooking classes and wine tastings offer more than just good eating and drinking—they’re interactive experiences that immerse you in the local gastronomy.


During your journey across Sicily with us, you’ll learn the secrets behind delectable Sicilian dishes. We’ll take you through a series of entertaining, hands-on cooking lessons in towns like Mazara and Modica. These aren’t just culinary tutorials, though. They’re windows into the Sicilian way of life and the stories that flavor their traditional cuisine.


Rome & Amalfi Coast tour packages


Discover the simple joys of Italian flavors on our 12-day tour to Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Rome dazzles with its endless food options: sample classic pizzas, twirl delightful pasta, and end with mouthwatering gelato.


Then your guide will show you around the Amalfi Coast. You’ll learn how the famous Italian olive oil is made and see how mozzarella cheese is shaped by hand. You’ll also visit places where they grow lots of lemons, like Capri and Sorrento, and you might even try some sweet Limoncello.


And if you love wine, you’re in luck! Our guides know just where to take you to try some of the best wines in Italy’s south. Your days will be filled with friendly wine tastings, delicious meals, and breathtaking views in charming towns like Positano and Ravello. Here, you’ll find every meal comes not just with great flavors but with a beautiful view that promises unforgettable experiences are part of every bite.


Po Valley Towns tour


Get ready for cozy 10 days of tasting Italy’s yummy food and wine with our Po Valley food & wine tour. If you love cheese and ham, you’re in for a treat! We’re visiting the home of the famous Parmesan and Parma ham. Think of the best pizza and the tangiest balsamic vinegar—that’s Po Valley!


During this tour, we stroll through pretty towns, meet friendly local chefs, and learn to make Italian food that’s super easy but amazingly delicious. You’ll learn why Ravenna’s spices smell so good and why their cheese and olive oil will make your taste buds sing. Our tour is like a fun food festival where you learn, eat, and have a great time, all with Italy’s beautiful views around you.


These are just some of the mouthwatering adventures that await you with Italy Luxury Tours!

With our Italian food tours, you and your loved ones will get to taste the richest flavors of the country and dive into the heart of European culinary tradition. Don’t just dream about it. Come and live it! Call us today to start an unforgettable gastronomic journey that tantalizes your taste buds and enriches your soul with every bite.