In a world where borders are no longer the limit, international markets are merging and opportunities coming from the four corners draw students of different countries to pursue studies in the international commerce field.

However, one question that has a home in every study abroad aspirant’s mind is which country should they pursue international studies. We are here to simplify the thought for you by talking about one of the most popular study destinations to study international business management, i.e., Canada.

Read on to understand how pursuing a course in international business management in Canada promises a unique synthesis of global perspective, an innovative curriculum, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Benefits of Studying International Business in Canada

Find below the benefits of choosing Canada for international business management:

  • Quality Education: Canadian institutions offering international business courses rank high globally, ensuring students receive a high-quality education with rigorous academic standards.
  • Faculty Expertise: You can also benefit from the industry-oriented knowledge offered by the faculty members who are often industry professionals with thorough knowledge.
  • Practical Exposure: Most Canadian institutions incorporate practical elements such as internships (paid and unpaid), case studies and international study tours that help students gain practical exposure.
  • High Demand: Due to technological advancements and economic changes, the academic demand related to international business has increased in Canada. As this study field focuses on adaptability and agility, it helps students stay updated in the ever-transforming global marketplace.
  • Cutting Edge Technologies: Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape is highly vibrant, which encourages a creative approach in the sector. When studying international business in the country, you can obtain a thorough understanding of business models, strategies, and developing technologies that contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of international industries.
  • Stay Back Period: Canada offers a stay-back opportunity to international students to help shape their professional careers after their course completion.

After learning about the perks of opting for international business courses to study in Canada, let us now move on to learn about the popular institutions offering this course at different academic levels of higher education.

Popular Institutions and Courses to Study International Business

Some of the popular Canadian institutions offering international business courses at the diploma, bachelors, and master’s level are listed below.

Institution Name Course Estimated Tuition Fee (Per Annum)
Seneca Polytechnic Diploma in Business – International Business Can$ 16011
George Brown College, St. James Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – International Business Can$ 15800
Dalhousie University Bachelor of Commerce – International Business (Co-op) Can$ 35300
University of Guelph Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Can$ 36581
University of Winnipeg BBA in International Business Can$ 20600
Thompson Rivers University Post Baccalaureate Diploma in International Business Can$ 21100
University of New Brunswick, Saint John Master of Business Administration (MBA) – International Business Can$ 31000

 Apart from these, many more include International Business courses in their curriculum. You just need to choose your specialization and course level and find the Canadian institution accordingly.

Global Job Prospects in International Business Management

As you already know, you get a post-study work permit in Canada; you can use that span to look for job prospects there or in other destinations. The most typical employers that seek international business graduates include banks, management consultants, recruitment agencies and technology companies. You can try applying for popular job positions such as business development manager, external auditor, financial trader, human resources officer, marketing executive, sales executive, etc.

In conclusion, the study of international business in Canada is not just an academic choice; it is an immersion in a transformative experience. From having a cutting-edge curriculum to faculty experts, Canadian institutions emphasize emerging trends and the scope of international business.

If you want to know about other popular courses to study in Canada, you can contact study-abroad consultancies that have industry professionals for proper guidance. They can help you better comprehend what skills today’s global market demands in graduates.

We hope you may accomplish your study abroad goal soon!