The iPhone 16 series is just around the corner, but older models like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are still available at discounted prices. If you’re not looking to spend a lot on the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 and want a decent iPhone, we’ll help you decide which one is right for you: the iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13. Lets see all the details , that will help you decide which phone you should consider.

Design Comparison: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 13

Both iphone comes with identical 6.1 Super Retina XDR OLED Display. with 1170*2532 Pixels of screen resolution. Both devices have ceramic shield glass protection. Lets see the bullets points.

iPhone 12

  • Launched in 2020, boasting an upgrade to an 6.1 inches OLED display from the iPhone 11’s IPS LCD.
  • The design shifted from rounded edges to sharp edges, reminiscent of the iPhone SE and iPhone 5s.
  • However, the camera and buttons remained largely unchanged from the iPhone 11.
  • In summary, the design offered little change compared to the iPhone 11.

iPhone 13

  • Similarly to the iPhone 12, the overall design remains nearly identical.
  • The key changes are a slightly smaller notch and a redesigned rear camera arrangement, now placed diagonally instead of vertically.
  • Both screen size and camera specifications remain the same as the iPhone 12.
  • We will discuss camera improvements in detail later in the post.


Apple iPhones are known for their high performance. They can handle basic tasks like calling, social media, and video playback with ease, and they can also handle demanding games. This makes them a popular choice for gamers.

Apple A14 Bionic vs Apple A15 Bionic

The iPhone 12 was launched with the A14 Bionic chipset, which has a 6-core CPU: 2 cores for performance and 4 for efficiency. It also comes with iOS 14, which can be upgraded to iOS 17.2.

The iPhone 13 was launched with the A15 Bionic chipset, which also has a 6-core CPU. However, there is no significant difference in performance between the two devices. Both devices support the latest iOS 17.2.

Double the Storage, Double the Relief?

One of Apple’s long-standing criticisms has been the lack of expandable storage on iPhones. With only internal storage options, users, especially those with the 64GB base model, often felt restricted, resorting to paid iCloud storage or frequent backups.

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Storage

From the iPhone X to the iPhone 12, the base storage remained a mere 64GB, causing frustration for media enthusiasts and app-hungry users. However, with the iPhone 13, Apple finally doubled the base storage to a more generous 128GB, offering much-needed breathing room. Doubling the higher tier options (256GB and 512GB) further addressed the storage concerns of power users.


Initially, iPhones are launched at a higher price, but their prices decrease over time. Currently, the iPhone 12 (64GB variant) is available for ₹44,999, while the base variant of the iPhone 13 is priced at ₹52,999. If we consider the 128GB variant of the iPhone 12, it is available for ₹51,999.

This significant change can be seen as a revolutionary step towards resolving the storage woes of iPhone users. The Pro models even reached a staggering 1TB of storage, catering to professionals and content creators.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy the 128GB iPhone 12, you should consider the iPhone 13 instead, as it offers a larger battery and image shift sensor stabilization. However, if you are looking to spend less money, the iPhone 12 is still a good option to purchase.

Enhanced Battery Life: iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12

Despite sharing similar display sizes and designs, the iPhone 13 outshines the iPhone 12 in terms of battery life. While the iPhone 12 can handle daily tasks, the iPhone 13’s 3,240mAh battery significantly surpasses the iPhone 12’s 2,815mAh battery.

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 battery comaparison

According to Apple, the iPhone 13 offers 19 hours of video playback and 75 hours of audio playback, compared to 17 hours and 65 hours for the iPhone 12, respectively. However both devices support fast charging. Additional factor for iphone 13 longer backup is advance chipset.

So, if you’re looking for a phone that can keep up with your long hours of usage, the iPhone 13 is the better choice. Additionally, rumors suggest that Apple is working on a new stacked technology for the iPhone 16, which could further improve battery life

Camera: iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 13 retains the same triple-camera setup as the iPhone 12, with two rear cameras each of 12mp and one selfie camera of 12mp. However, a notable change in the iPhone 13 is the diagonal arrangement of the camera modules compared to the vertical layout in the iPhone 12.

But here’s where the features get interesting

Apple has introduced a new feature called Cinematic mode in the iPhone 13, which utilizes sensor-shift optical image stabilization. This allows the focus to automatically shift from one subject to another while recording a video, even when you move the camera. This means you don’t have to manually refocus, and the Cinematic mode takes care of it for you.

Ultimately, the decision rests with you. If you’re a casual photographer with minimal interest in advanced features, the iPhone 12 will adequately meet your needs. However, if you’re drawn to the innovative Cinematic mode and its focus-shifting capabilities, the iPhone 13 is the clear winner.

Final Takeaway

If budget is a priority for you and you’re a casual user (mainly for social media and WhatsApp and with no major battery concerns), the iPhone 12 is a good choice.

However, if you want the advanced Cinematic Mode, a larger battery, and double the storage (128GB is ample for most users), the iPhone 13 offers those benefits.

Ultimately, the decision is yours!

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