Facebook is a platform for social media where people from all around the world can connect, where people can share their pictures and videos with their friends and family.

Google is a search engine that helps people find information and many more various online services like cloud storage, Google Maps, emails, etc.

Facebook and Google are compelling and useful platforms for any business to connect with its audiences. Both are different from each other in many cases and perform different varieties of functions. Let’s dive deep down into this topic and try to explore, what are the differences and similarities between Facebook ads and Google ads.

Facebook Ads Services:

Facebook ads services only focus on social media advertisements. Facebook ads services allow businesses to run advertisements on Facebook and these ads will appear on Facebook and its related platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, and the audience network.

Businesses target audiences according to their taste, like demographics, interests, behaviours, and locations, by using Facebook ad services. The Format of ads on Facebook can be photos, videos, slideshow, and collection ads.

Google Advertising Services:

On the other hand, Google advertising services essentially rotate around Google ads and search engine marketing which allow businesses to make and run ads on Google’s vast networks. Google ads run in search results, on websites, and in apps as well.

Businesses can hit those users based on their search histories, which websites they are visiting, and many other factors. Google ads help by providing specific reporting tools and detailed analytics to hunt down ad performance and maintain campaigns to obtain specific marketing objectives like boosting website audience, increasing sales, etc.

Now, we will discuss the key differences between Facebook and Google.

Key Differences:

Here are some of the key differences between Google ads and Facebook ads that you should always know:

Targeting Options Of Facebook And Google Ads:

The most important difference between Facebook and Google advertisement services is how you connect with your customers.

Facebook lets you target audiences based on their likes and dislikes. For example, if you sell sports-related stuff like bats, balls, footballs, kits, etc. you can target those who are following sports pages or their groups. This is very precise targeting and this can help you connect with those who are willing to buy your product or service.

Google ads target audiences based on what they are searching for and their online activities. If someone is looking for the “Best Bat”, your ad for the bat might appear on his screen. It means Google can find those people who are actively searching for products or services just like yours. So, Google advertisement is more precise and quick.

Ad Formats of Facebook and Google Ads:

Just like targeting options, ad formats are also different on Facebook and Google.

You can use image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, carousel ads, and many more types of ads on Facebook. These ads will show on users’ stories, news feeds, and other several places on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many forms of Google ads like text ads, display ads, shopping ads, and video ads. These ads can be seen on YouTube, in search results, and all across the Google Display Network, which consists of millions of apps and websites.

Now, we will discuss two main similarities between Facebook and Google.

Key Similarities:

Audience targeting 

Both Facebook and Google offer highly advanced interaction methods to help you reach your targeted audience. No matter what, you are targeting based on their interests and search behaviour. Both Facebook and Google can help you find capable customers.

Budget control

Facebook and Google both of them will help you to control your ad expenses and budget. This facility will help you in managing your advertising spend efficiently.

Choosing the Right Platform:

You can choose between Facebook ads services or Google advertisement services depending on your business objectives and what area you are targeting.

Use Facebook ads if you want to create brand awareness and link with your audience on social media. Also, you can use Facebook ads if u are fully sure that your target audience spends most of their time on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

If you want to locate users actively looking for the same product and service that you are offering, then you can use Google ads. You can use Google ads if your business depends on high-intent traffic, such as audience is facing difficulties and they are looking for immediate solutions to their problem.

Combining both Facebook and Google Advertising Services:

Many businesses find success just by combining both Facebook and Google advertising services. This technique allows you to connect with a large number of audience from all around the world and get benefits from the strength of both Facebook and Google advertising services.

While Facebook ads services and Google advertising services have their unique strengths and features, they both can complement each other well.

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