JetBlue is a major airline in the United States. Everything about the airline sets it apart from its competitors. From the spacious seats to the incredible food and beverage menu to the amazing inflight entertainment, it provides the total package for travelers. Overall, it is a good airline, and you can go for JetBlue Flight Booking without any hesitation. The details below will remove all your doubts.


The seats-

  • The airline boasts of having spacious seats. They are comfortable even if you have a basic economy ticket. 
  • The seat size can be anywhere from 17.8 to 18.4 inches wide, with 32 to 39 inches of pitch. 


The “Mint” fare class-

  • You can choose the seats that turn into lie-flat beds with the Mint selection. 
  • These seats come with sliding doors that offer privacy during your trip.


Delicious food and beverage-

Many of the snacks and beverages are served free of cost. You can also purchase from the inflight menu.


The best entertainment-

  • You will get an entertainment screen on the seatback of every seat and high speed wifi.
  • There are USB ports and plug points at every seat.


Free cancelations and changes-

  • You can pretty much change or cancel your flights without having to pay a fee.
  • Except for the Blue basic fare, all tickets come with this kind of flexibility.


Chance to earn rewards-

  • You can earn miles and points if you are a frequent flyer. 
  • You can use these rewards to get upto 30-45% discounts on the tickets.


Cheap tickets-

Every traveler can afford the tickets. It is highly economical. On certain routes, the tickets are heavily discounted. 


Boarding and deplaning process-

  • JetBlue has a process set in place that allows you to board and deplane first if you opt for the “Mint” or “Even more space” seat selection. 
  • The airline also gives priority to passengers with disabilities.


Customer service-

The customer service is exceptional overall. However, the experience of the customers and the satisfaction level might vary from each other depending on the delivery of the service by the airline representatives and the customers themselves.


Check-in baggage delivery-

Most of the time, the airlines deliver the baggage well on time. However, in certain rare scenarios, like lost/damaged luggage, many customers give mixed reviews. 


Flight delays-

Typically, the airline is on time. But technical, weather conditions and operational factors that are out of control, might lead to flight delays.


Add ons-

You may have to pay an additional fee for extra add-ons. For most travelers, this factor is not too important, and they would still fly with the airline.


Baggage fees-

You might have to pay a lot of baggage fees depending on the fare class you have chosen if you exceed the baggage allowance.

Using the information above, you can easily know about the advantages and disadvantages of flying with JetBlue. If you have to stop at various destinations, you can benefit hugely from booking Multi City Flights as the price is cheap in comparison to multiple individual reservations. For answers to other doubts, you can call or visit the official website.