Introducing the cutting-edge motorcycle Hero Thriller 160R 4V, that combines unparalleled performance and advanced technology. At the heart of this machine lies a powerful engine equipped with 4-valve technology, ensuring optimal combustion and delivering exceptional power output. Complementing this impressive engine is a best-in-class 5 Fin Oil Cooler, designed to maintain optimal operating temperatures even under the most demanding conditions.

But that’s not all – this motorcycle boasts a host of innovative features that elevate the riding experience to new heights. The Smart Sensor Xsens Technology provides real-time data and feedback, allowing riders to make informed decisions and maximise their control over the machine. Additionally, the state-of-the-art Fuel Injection System ensures precise fuel delivery, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

Seamless connectivity is also a key aspect of the Hero Thriller 160r 4V, with Bluetooth Connectivity enabling riders to stay connected and receive SMS and Call Alerts while on the move. Furthermore, the Integrated Engine Start-Kill Switch adds an extra layer of convenience and safety, allowing riders to control the engine easily.

In the following blog, we will delve into the reasons behind the Hero Thriller 160R 4V’s popularity in markets such as Bangladesh and explore its features in more detail.

High Safety 

All LED Lights ensure superior visibility. Front & Rear Petal Disc Brakes and Anti-Lock Braking System provide exceptional stopping power and control. The 130mm Radial Rear Tyre offers superior grip and handling. A segment-first Side Stand Engine Cut Off enhances safety, while Hazard Warning Lights alert other motorists for increased visibility.


  • KYB USD Forks for stability and handling
  • 7-Step Adjustable Monoshock Suspension for Customized Ride Quality
  • Inverted LCD Display with Adjustable Brightness for clear visibility
  • USB Charging Port for convenience
  • Split Seat for enhanced comfort
  • Sporty Belly Pan & Exhaust for aggressive styling
  • Collectively offering superior performance, comfort, and style

Hero Thriller 160R 4V: Performance Packed

The Hero Thriller 160R 4V is built for exhilarating performance. Its advanced engine propels it forward with invigorating acceleration, leaving you glued to the seat. This responsive machine begs to be pushed, reaching impressive top speeds. Powering this thrill is a capable engine that delivers a maximum of 16.9 Ps @ 8500 rpm and 14.6 Nm of torque @ 6500 rpm, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping ride that won’t disappoint.

Hero Thriller 4V Price in Bangladesh

The Hero Thriller 160R 4V price in Bangladesh is a point of interest for motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its arrival. As they eagerly anticipate its release, the price of the Hero Thriller 160R 4V in Bangladesh remains a focal point of discussion. With its sleek design and powerful engine, the Thriller 160R 4V promises an exhilarating ride through the streets of Bangladesh, making it a highly anticipated addition to the local motorcycle scene.

The Thriller 160R 4V stands out as a popular choice. Priced at ৳ 2,54,990 in showrooms, it offers excellent value for money with its combination of style, power, and features. The Thriller 160R 4V variant embodies the essence of Hero’s commitment to delivering quality motorcycles at competitive prices. With its sleek design and advanced technology, this model has garnered attention from riders seeking both aesthetics and performance. The pricing of the Thriller 160R 4V reflects Hero’s dedication to providing riders in Bangladesh with accessible yet high-quality motorcycles, further solidifying its position in the market.