Isee Hair offers the following wig options:

Pre Everything wigs: Isee Hair’s Pre Everything wigs are designed to provide convenience in wearing and styling. These wigs undergo all the necessary preparation work beforehand, allowing wearers to achieve a quick and hassle-free application on their own. The pre-styled and pre-worked features of these wigs save time and effort for the wearer.

Ready to Wear wigs: Similar to Pre Everything wigs, ready to wear wigs are convenient and realistic in appearance. These wigs are designed to be worn straight out of the box without any additional styling required. The lace is pre-cut to an exact size, which also contributes to a more affordable price point for customers.

Buss Down wigs: Buss Down wigs feature long, straight hair, offering an elegant and glamorous look. These wigs are particularly suitable for special occasions like prom or formal events, where the wearer can achieve a sophisticated and polished appearance.

Bye Bye Knots wigs: Bye bye knots wigs are designed with mini knots that are virtually invisible to the human eye. These wigs provide a more realistic look by mimicking the natural hairline and reducing the visibility of knots. If you desire a wig that closely resembles natural hair, Bye Bye Knots wigs are a suitable option.

By offering Pre Everything wigs, Ready to Wear wigs, Buss Down wigs, and Bye Bye Knots wigs, Isee Hair provides a range of choices for different preferences and needs. Whether you seek convenience, affordability, specific hairstyles, or a realistic look, Isee Hair aims to offer options that cater to your requirements.