It Takes A Village: Teamwork Is Key to Success at Fireworks


Welcome to the Firework, where we believe that success is a team sport! 🚀

What’s this whole “It Takes a Village” vibe about?  Picture this: we’re like a bustling little village where every person plays a crucial role in building a thriving community. From the tech wizards crafting code to the marketing mavens spreading the word, each and every one of us brings something special to the table.

Why does it matter, you ask? In today’s crazy, interconnected world, we know that going solo just won’t cut it. That’s why we’re all in on celebrating the diverse and unique talents and perspectives of our global squad. Every voice matters and every contribution counts. We’re here to “Win Together”.

Here’s the lowdown on how we play:

  1. Cultivating Collaboration: We’re all about breaking down silos and getting everyone in on the action. Whether you’re in Tokyo or Toronto, we use tools like Slack to keep the convo flowing and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Got an idea? Slack us!
  2. Recognizing Individual Contributions: We’re big believers in giving credit where credit’s due. That’s why we’ve got our Super Spark Awards shining a spotlight on the GOATs who go above and beyond to keep our Firework spark alive and thriving!
  3. Investing in Development: We’re all about personal growth too! One strategic game plan is our  GOLD program – a monthly development workout to help our leaders level up, build deep bench strength amongst our teams, and tackle those big business goals together.
  4. Building Communities: We’ve got internal communities like Women at Work with a purpose to create safe spaces for support, networking, thoughtful connection and empowerment for women globally. There’s Guardians of The Spark, a community dedicated to our teammates who are parents and caretakers of their loved ones. We’ve got each other’s backs both in and out of the office!

Here’s to more wins, more spark, and more epic moments together. At Firework, we’re not just building a company; we’re building a community where everyone gets to shine bright!