An innovative mobile app can take your business to new heights since mobile apps have become a critical business growth factor in today’s smartphone era. Smartphone users find apps more convenient and time-efficient because once they install an app, they don’t have to browse the web every time to find a trustworthy website for their needs. Instead, they open the app and perform their task. 

The latest versions of smartphones have also played a significant role in making apps popular because memory and speed have not remained a concern for smartphone users anymore. So, they confidently install reliable apps for their various requirements and use them to save their time and energy. 

Thus, not having a mobile app for your business can create obstacles in your way to accomplishing your business goals and may even slow down the business growth rate over time. But, at the same time, it is also essential to understand that your app cannot help your business even a bit if it fails to impress your target audience. So, if you want to get the maximum response from your app, it becomes crucial for you to ensure your app stands out from the other similar apps available on different app stores. For this, you will need to hire mobile app developers with extensive technical knowledge and industry expertise.

Now, if you think about how to hire remote developers for your needs, consider the following factors when deciding on the right developer.

Technical Expertise

Custom mobile app development is a challenging task that requires extensive command over technology and logic. Hence, you must not assign your task immediately to somebody merely by seeing they have spent a long time in the industry. Along with experience, you must also become sure about their exposure and expertise level. Somebody who has been in the industry for many years, but has built similar apps in all those years, may struggle to develop something new. Therefore, you must talk to a developer in detail about their expertise to ensure they are the right person to build your mobile app. 

Here are some questions you can ask a developer to find out if they have the expertise to match your needs.

  • What technology or technologies do you work on?
  • Which technology would you recommend for my mobile app and why?
  • What is your mobile app development methodology?
  • Can you deliver a highly-customized mobile app following my expectations? 
  • Have you ever developed the kind of app I need? 
  • How would you build my mobile app?
  • How would you ensure my app is secure, scalable, and performance-driven?
  • How would you provide real-time analytics access?
  • How would you ensure an excellent user experience for my app users? 
  • What will you do if you fail to meet my expectations?

In addition to the questions mentioned above, if you have some questions in your mind that you think will allow you to judge the expertise of a developer, you must not hesitate to ask your questions because hiring the right developer is critical to ensure the right app timely without any arguments and dissatisfactions.


Portfolios speak a lot about the capabilities of a mobile app developer. By seeing their work, you can determine what level of quality you can expect from them. Hence, you must ask a mobile app developer to send you their portfolio with the apps they have developed for their clients from your industry. If they have already developed apps for your industry, it would be better to review those apps thoroughly and check their clients’ reviews about their apps’ development and delivery. However, if their portfolio does not include an app from your industry, they can still develop your app. They can build your app because they are developers, and their task is to create new apps. But, then, it becomes essential to check online reviews about their products and services comprehensively to determine to which extent you can trust their services. 

Time Zone 

When you hire dedicated mobile app developers working in different time zones, you have to communicate with them through emails or WhatsApp. Due to this, sometimes, urgent work also get delayed. If you want to hold  a face to face online meeting with them, you have to schedule it considering the convenience of both parties. Hence, it is critical to hire a developer who works in your time zone so that you can immediately connect them with your requirements, concerns, and feedback.

Project Timeline

You must ask a developer how long the development of your project would take and when they would deliver your app to you. If you feel they are taking more time, then you should talk to other developers to know how much time they would require to develop an app for you.

Post-Launch Support

Technical glitches can appear at any time to irritate the users of your app. Hence, it is critical to ensure immediate technical support when required. So, you must ask developers whether they provide urgent technical support and maintenance in urgencies. If you get assurance that your developer is available to help you right away, consider them.

Considering the above mentioned factors will help you a lot in making the right choice. Hence you must consider these factors to find the right developer to develop the best mobile app matching your requirements. At ScalaCode, we provide you with specialised dedicated developers with extensive industry knowledge. We have been in the industry for more than 12 years and are counted among India’s fastest mobile app development companies.

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