KLM covers all aspects or conditions and offers flexible rules against any type of cancellation. Here you can get in touch with the latest details about the KLM Cancellation Policy.

24-hours cancellation policy:

The 24-hour cancellation offers the flexibility to cancel your reservation without any additional cost. But, flight ticket cancellation requests should be placed within 24 hours of the booking.

Disrupted or canceled flight rules:

If the flight has been disrupted for more than 5 hours or canceled for any reason then, you may raise the request for the cancellation and get the chance to collect a 100 percent refund.

Death or health-related rules:

If the passenger is not boarding their flight due to a health problem or a family member’s death then, claim the complete value of the flight ticket but, supporting documents must be verified.

Non-refundable rules:

Excluding the basic economy ticket holders, the rest of the classes can raise the refund request for the non-refundable flight but, the total return value will get the future credit points that can be used for the upcoming flight ticket.

Cancellation charges:

The cancellation charges would be decided based on the flight ticket fare, class, distance, location, time, or other similar things.

As per the KLM Cancellation Policy, the passengers will get a heavy cancellation fee if 24 hours have been completed from the booking and then, pay around 100 to 400 US dollars as a cancellation fee.

If your flight ticket has been covered by the cancellation protection then, you may get the maximum relaxation on the cancellation charges.