Learning the Quran is the most important obligation for a Muslim as it is the source of complete and ultimate guidance. But if you search for Quran classes near me, chances are you won’t find any.  That’s where online Quran classes come into play. It helps to learn Quran online at your convenience.

Online Quran Classes USA  – Al-Quran Academy offers many services related to the Quran and Islamic teachings such as 

  • Tajweed 
  • “Free Noorani Qaida”
  • “Quran Teacher Free- Learn to Read the Quran Mobile app”
  • “Hadith search”

Reading the Quran with Tajweed is crucial as it’s the correct way of reading and reciting the Quran with the correct pronunciation.  Muslims are strictly ordered to read the Quran with Tajweed. So, every Muslim should learn and pay special attention to Tajweed. Online Tajweed classes are a blessing as many lack access to qualified Tajweed teachers. Online Tajweed classes open up new avenues for learning and achieving something that used to be pretty difficult to do in the past.

Why choose Al-Quran Academy to learn Quran online?

Al-Quran Academy possesses great features instrumental in driving a successful online class. These help students feel comfortable but also learn at a good pace. They provide many services related to the Quran and Islamic teachings.  

 Some of the key features of their service

One-on-one lectures- One-on-one lectures help teachers to laser focus on students and his/her needs. Whether it is the methodology or style employed for teaching. The highly focused attention to one student results in better understanding and learning as confusing are solved quickly. This type of class also boasts student confidence.

Quran-qualified teachers- qualified teachers equipped with years of experience and skills to teach students. Right skills help adapt lessons to the needs of students, and extensive experience helps access those needs and ways to fulfill them. Online Quran teacher in Al-Quran Academy ensures quality education in the comfort of your home.

Quality software for interactive sessions – as online Quran classes are done in a virtual world, an unconventional method of teaching and learning. Software plays a big part in making it easy for students. Quality and advanced software are used to make lessons interactive and more engaging thus eliminating the barrier.

Tailored teaching method for each student – teaching methods are tailored according to the unique needs resulting in better education.  These tailored methods ensure that needs are met perfectly and are constantly rectified to better suit. 

On-demand class timing – One of the big conveniences that online classes provide is flexibility both in space and time. On-demand timing ensures that students will take classes that suit their schedule. This will help to not conflict timing with other things disturbing their life equilibrium. 

Free trial classes – well unless you try, one can never know how good a class is. So, providing free trial classes is very good for experiencing it firsthand. it helps students that, whether it’s a good match for them or not. Students can avail this before making a final decision and thus make a better and more informed decision. 

Free services – provide many free services that can be accessed online. We are going to mention a few here

  • “Free Noorani Qaida” 
  • “Quran Teacher Free- Learn to Read the Quran Mobile app”
  • Hadith search
  • Learn Arabic Online”
  • “English to Arabic to English Dictionary” 
  • Supplications
  • Islamic News
  • “Aswat Al Islam”

Online Quran classes for adults and kids– it offers classes for all age groups and expert levels. That means no matter what age you are or what your level is, you can take those classes. As the classes will be tailored to the needs of students.

Lowest possible cost of $30 – Online Quran classes provided are cheap and can go as low as $30. This shows just because it is online, doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. 


There are many wonderful academies including Al-Quran Academy online doing a great service of educating Muslims on the Quran and Islamic teaching at an affordable price. These academies are playing an instrumental role in making the Quran teaching accessible to the part of areas that were impossible before. Now thanks to advancements in technology and online Quran academies anybody from anywhere in the world can access online Quran classes.