Various commercial vehicle segments are available for intracity cargo transportation. These segments include Small, Light, Intermediate, Medium, and Heavy CV segments, which include trucks, pickups, mini trucks, tempo travellers, and transit mixers. Read the blog to find out whether Tata SFC or Tata Intra is suitable for your business.

Tata Intra V70

The Tata Intra V70 is within an effective price range. Its powerful engine ensures high power and torque, allowing good speed for quick deliveries. This Tata intra delivers adequate mileage, ranging between 13 and 15 kmpl, for better performance. Moreover, it has 75 litres of fuel capacity for short trips within the city. 

Tata 610 SFC Truck

The Tata 610 SFC is a light commercial vehicle with a 6-tonnage capacity. It has a semi-forward cabin with half the cabin inside and the other half outside. This SFC-styled cabin truck is useful for carrying market loads, E-Commerce, Bottle Carriers, Towing Vans, and Garbage compactors. Moreover, its engine delivers high power output for enhanced speed and torque. It features a Steel SFC cabin with ABC pedals for safety. Additionally, it has Melba fabric seating for enhanced comfort. The Tata SFC price for this model starts from Rs. 14.61 and 15.36 lakh.

Tata Winger Staff

The Tata Winger staff is a tempo traveler with a spacious cabin to accommodate more passengers. It has a 2.2L DICOR engine and is BS6 compliant, which gives 100 HP output for enhanced speed. Also, it provides maximum torque that is adequate for various applications. This model delivers subsequent mileage from a fuel tank, ensuring uninterrupted trips. Also, it has a seating capacity for more than ten passengers. For drivers, it has tiltable steering and armrests that are convenient and comfortable to drive. Further, the Tata Winger on-road price starts from Rs. 16.50 lakh.