They say, “Love is madness.” For those who have never been in love, this may sound somewhat of an exaggeration, a dialogue out of a movie. But those lucky enough to have fallen for someone can probably relate.

Love is something that cannot be described by one objective definition. For some, it is an emotion; for others, it is a constant practice. But what’s common among everyone experiencing love is the feeling of adventure, surprise, and a little recklessness.

When you finally meet someone your heart resonates with, someone who doesn’t just see you but “sees” you on a deeper level, you feel safe. Each moment feels like you are the main character of the movies you once called unrealistic for their “over-the-top” romantic plots. Suddenly, every song lyric makes sense, and you can’t help but explore this feeling more.

When you find “the one,” it feels as though nothing else matters. Your search is over, and you can finally surrender to your cherished companion.

On the other hand, love is madness because love is also pain. It is sacrifice and struggle. Contrary to what they show in the movies, it takes great effort to maintain your relationship, to persist even after the sparks have calmed down.

Since love causes you to surrender your heart, it also comes with a risk. You risk your soul being played with; you risk it being shattered. You also risk your heart being taken away forever by life and its fleeting nature, and here is where the madness comes into play.

You don’t have a choice on whether your relationship will work out; love is not about that. It is about who you are willing to take the leap for. It’s about whose hand you are ready to hold when the world is crumbling.

The ecstasy stemming from pure passion, paired with a sense of risk, is what cultivates adventure. The recklessness involved in choosing the uncharted route is a delectable offer.

As for Vanessa and Barry in author Patricia Skipper’s riveting book, Deceptive Calm, the two protagonists have wholly submitted to each other as sparks fly into flames that may threaten their union. In an era where racism and political turmoil ravage America, Vanessa and Barry’s love story is an escape within the book’s compelling narrative. Their chemistry is contagious, and their passion for each other is admirable. But, as they say, “Love is madness,” their recklessness leads to an undesirable predicament.

Where will their love story lead them?

Only one way to find out.

Deceptive Calm is now available on Amazon.