What sets ProMarketer.AI apart from Madgicx?

ProMarketer.AI is an AI-powered platform that helps to create, manage, and automate ad campaigns across different platforms. Use generative AI to create hundreds of creatives in different sizes for ads and social media posts. AI-driven campaign tracker can help find out which are your best and worst performing campaigns. Auto-pause ad campaigns that aren’t performing well and cut down advertising costs with advanced sales and marketing tools.

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Why marketers choose ProMarketer.AI over Madgicx?

Madgicx is an ad automation tool that helps businesses automate and optimize        Facebook and Google ad campaigns. It offers features like ad creation, audience targeting, bidding optimization, and reporting.  

ProMarketer.AI is an ads automation engine that helps you automate and optimize all your ad campaigns in one dashboard. You can generate creatives in all ad sizes and expand your reach. AI-driven marketing insights can help you find out which marketing campaigns are performing well and which are not.

Madgicx vs. ProMarketer.AI Feature-based comparison

Here, we have given a detailed comparison of  Madgicx and one of the best Madgicx alternatives. This information will help you choose the right platform for your business.


Features ProMarketer.AI   Madgicx
Ad management tools   Yes Yes
Automated campaign optimization    Yes Yes
Audience targeting Yes Yes
Cross-channel advertising Yes No
AI-based creatives generation Yes Yes
Social media calendar creation Yes No
Post boosting Yes Yes
AI-powered creative analysis Yes Yes
Real-time optimization Yes Yes
Budget optimization Yes Yes
Real-time cross-channel reporting Yes Yes
A/B testing Yes Yes
Tracking and attribution  Yes Yes
Advanced integrations Yes Yes


Enhance your advertising campaigns with ProMarketer.AI

ProMarketer.AI is among the top Madgicx competitors that helps you do a lot more than just paid ads automation. Determine the right time to run your ads when they get maximum engagement and conversions. Create ads from the best-performing posts automatically and foster better outcomes. Make numerous social media posts through generative AI and reduce manual work. The multi-touch attribution model can help you analyze the performance of distinct marketing channels.

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Madgicx pricing vs ProMarketer.AI pricing

Let’s compare Madgicx pricing with ProMarketer.AI pricing. According to some Madgicx reviews, its pricing is quite high compared to the features it provides.

Pricing plans Madgicx ProMarketer.AI
For up to $10K spend  $169/month $75/month
For up to $50K spend $569/month $99/month   
For up to $100K spend  $899/month $199/month


Powerful features

ProMarketer.AI helps streamline marketing efforts and reduce the manual work of marketers. Leverage AI for ads generation and simplify the advertising process. AI-driven marketing insights help you do budget optimization and reduce advertising spend.


Ad operations automation

Automate and optimize ad campaigns of different marketing platforms in one place. Run your ads strategically during the times when they receive higher conversions.


Generative AI for creatives

Make hundreds of creatives for ads and social media posts with just a few clicks. Generate creatives in all sizes for different marketing platforms and enhance performance.


Top creatives

Know which are your top-performing creatives on distinct marketing platforms. Make similar creatives for upcoming marketing campaigns and drive engagement.


Post boosting

TAI-driven insights help you know which are your high-performing social media posts. Create ads from these posts automatically and launch them in no time.


Budget optimization

Analyze your marketing channels’ performance with the first-click, last-click, linear, and data-driven models. Invest in marketing channels based on their performance.


Saves time

Ads automation saves a lot of time of advertisers and marketers. They can utilize this time for other strategic tasks and deliver better results.


Optimize your marketing budget with ProMarketer.AI!


Leverage the power of this AI-driven marketing platform and reduce your ad spending significantly.


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Madgicx: FAQs

  • What is Madgicx?

Madgicx is an ads management platform that helps marketers manage and optimize Facebook and Google ads. It comes with an automated campaign optimization feature that helps you optimize ads based on their performance. It can help you improve your paid marketing efforts and save time of your team.

  • What are the best alternatives to Madgicx?

ProMarketer.AI is one of the best Madgicx alternatives that comes at a lower price with more features. You can automate and optimize ad campaigns on different marketing channels. It comes with generative AI that enables you to create hundreds of creatives for ads and social media posts in a few seconds. You can make ad creatives in all sizes and expand your reach significantly.

  • Why is ProMarketer.AI a better choice than Madgicx?

ProMarketer.AI is a better choice than Madgicx as it has additional features at an affordable price. You can generate creatives for ads and social media posts in just a few seconds. Not only this, you can schedule posts on different social media channels. ProMarketer.AI provides a comprehensive analysis of which ads are working well and which aren’t. Then, you can optimize the ads accordingly and save costs.