We tend to use gas fireplaces less and less when the summer approaches. This is the ideal time for you to clean and maintain the gas fireplace. Doing so improves its lifespan further. You can do the cleaning work yourself. Alternatively, you can approach experts in Gas fireplace maintenance in Ottawa, Ontario. They will help you get professional cleaning and maintenance done.

Do you want to use the DIY route? Then, read this post. It has 7 tips for cleaning and maintaining your furnace.


1) Turn off the gas supply

Ensure you turn off the gas supply before you start cleaning. Not doing this is a risk and can also damage the fireplace. To do this, turn off the valve and ensure the pilot light is off.


2) Allow it some cool down time

Allow the components of your fireplace, like wood and glass, to cool down. Whether your fireplace is in use or not, allowing it to cool down can be beneficial for you to clean safely and efficiently.


3) Clean the glass door

The glass of your furnace can get dusty and dirty over time. Hence, it is necessary to clean it periodically. Remove the glass and wipe it with glass cleaning solutions. This helps keep your glass clean and transparent so you can enjoy the view of the fireplace. If you notice it is broken then you must call gas fireplace maintenance services in Ottawa.


4) Inspect and clean the burner

Dust and debris can accumulate on the insides of a fireplace. To clean it:


1. Firstly, remove the logs of wood.

2. Clean the burner or pilot area with a brush to remove all the dirt.

3. Use a non-abrasive cleaner to scrub out the burn stains.


5) Cleaning the surrounding area

After cleaning the burners, it is time to clean the hearth and mantel. Use a damp cloth to wipe these areas, as it will soak up all the stains.


6) Clean the ventilation system

The vents and chimneys often get crowded by dirt, leaves, etc. Hence, it is essential to clean them periodically. Check and remove bird nests on top of the chimneys while cleaning, as they obstruct the smoke flow.


7) Reassemble everything

Now that you have cleaned the fireplace, it is time to put everything back in place. You can check the instructions in the manual. Hiring gas fireplace maintenance services in Ottawa can provide the best fitting service.


To conclude

These are some tips you can use to clean your fireplace. Turning off the fireplace and allowing it to cool can help you clean safely. Timely cleaning of the glass, burners, and vents can help you improve the look and efficiency of the fireplace. A fireplace helps to keep the house cosy and comfortable. Hence, it is important to maintain it.

Hiring gas fireplace maintenance services in Ottawa, Ontario, can benefit you and allow for professional cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace. An expert can also identify issues or potential problems and repair them efficiently so that you are safe and comfortable with your fireplace.

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