Screens are everywhere – at home, at school – even in malls. But we don’t give equal attention to all screens. Also, the screen has different meanings for people. For students, screen means mobiles and tabs. It is learned that students give more time to their handheld devices. Parents should listen to what top schools in Ghaziabad say about managing screen time for kids.

Why mobiles are necessary for school education?

Before we delve into the most debated topic of balancing the screen time of students, you should know the necessity of mobiles for classroom teaching. You will agree that schools have increased communication through multimedia messages and apps and your child needs a mobile to stay connected to their school. In other words, you need to allow some screen time to your child.

How much screen time does a child need?

There is no specific requirement by schools. Also, a little data is available to show how much time kids in India spend on their mobiles. But international reveals startling data on the screen time of kids. It is revealed that students check their phones an average of 70 times a day. But it is a disturbing trend. It is high time parents reach out to their children to help manage their screen time.

Screen V/S Paper

Children should use screens but they should also use paper. For example, they can use screens as paper for projects and assignments. Similarly, parents can encourage their children to use screens as papers. CBSE schools in Muradnagar Ghaziabad discuss screen v/s paper in parent meetings. Mobiles can be used to write messages and computers can be used to create MS Word documents.

Creative distractions

There is little need to scold children for using screens. On the contrary, parents can look for creative ways to distract students from screens. For example, they can get involved in what their kids are viewing and take an interest in their activities. It is like partnering with kids in their online activities. Its advantage is the parents can keep an eye on the watch and convince their kids to discontinue viewing after a certain time.  

Traditional resources

Parents can encourage children to use books, journals, and other papers for information, clarification, and education. Teachers can suggest books that are more helpful than online resources. For example, kids in primary schools can be encouraged to learn while playing. They will develop a habit of learning with tools instead of on online resources.

Pros and cons of screens

Children must learn how to make the best use of Internet technology but they should be aware of its drawbacks. Parents should discuss the pros and cons of screen time with children. It is like raising red flags whenever kids spend more than normal with screens.  

Parents become teachers Best schools in Ghaziabad are helping parents teach kids at home. Children look at screens when they can’t find information in their books. It is where parents can come to their rescue and help them find information in books and journals.