Why is MBA the top preference for both working professionals and recent college graduates? MBA provides various specialisations, promising career prospects, and the comfortable lifestyle we all aspire to achieve. Individuals from diverse backgrounds opt for this course to advance in their careers. However, determining the right MBA specialisation for you requires understanding your career objectives. Familiarising yourself with the syllabus of top MBA options can assist in making this decision. This blog will explore the MBA courses details, syllabus, fee structure, and career opportunities. 

MBA Courses

MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a higher education course for aspiring business professionals. This degree emphasises teaching students managerial and entrepreneurial abilities. Pursuing an MBA journey provides an excellent professional start. Graduates can make their careers in management and entrepreneurship. The MBA curriculum is crafted to offer a rewarding scope for professional improvement and competencies.

MBA Syllabus

Generally, MBA courses are for two years, but some universities offer a 12-month MBA programme as well. The MBA syllabus covers many ranges of subjects, including core and elective, The list of some common subjects is mentioned here.

1st Semester  

  • Marketing of Products and Services
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Excel Spreadsheet Modeling
  • Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  • Business Statistics
  • Micro-Economics
  • Joy of Management
  • Finance for Non-Finance

2nd Semester 

  • Managing Financial Resources
  • Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes
  • Indian Economy in the Global Context
  • Indian Banking and Financial Markets
  • Human Resource Management
  • Managing Operations and Supply Chain
  • Synthesising and Analysing Data using R
  • Costing Products and Services

3rd Semester

  • Problem-solving and Consulting Skills
  • Applied Business Research
  • Analysing and Mitigating Risk
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  • Leveraging IT for Business
  • Business Model and Intellectual Property
  • Management of Design

4rth Semester 

  • Data Science Using R and Python
  • Project Management
  • Applied Business Research Project
  • Leadership Development
  • Integrated Decisions Making
  • Ethics and Indian Ethos
  • Capstone Simulation

MBA Courses Fees

  • General full-time MBA course fees may vary from university to university.
  • Total MBA course fee INR 5 lakh to INR 14 lakh 
  • Some universities or colleges offer flexible options to submit fees, like loans and other modes of payment.
  • Many universities offer financial assistance to eligible students.
  • If students select a hostel facility, they need to submit hostel fees.

Career Opportunities 

MBA course graduates have many career opportunities to start their professional life. Some job roles are mentioned here:

  • Operations Manager: An Operations Manager plays a crucial leadership role in an organisation, overseeing and managing daily operations and processes.

  • Marketing Manager: Their task is strategising, implementing, and supervising marketing plans.

  • Sales Manager: A Sales Manager’s task is to guide and oversee a group of sales representatives.

  • Project Manager: This position holder is accountable for organising, implementing, and supervising projects within a company.

  • HR Manager: An HR Manager, also known as a Human Resources Manager, is an individual tasked with supervising the human resources department within a company.

  • Asset Manager: They are financial experts entrusted with the management of investments and assets for clients, which may comprise individuals, institutions, or corporations.

  • Management Consulting: Management consulting entails offering advisory services to organisations with the aim of enhancing their performance, addressing challenges, and attaining their objectives.

This blog has discussed the MBA courses details, the syllabus and career opportunities.  If you want to grow in your current job, an MBA degree is for you. Choose from a wide range of specialisations and level up your career!