Fashion is timeless. Some silhouettes have become staple pieces. A classic timeless Jodhpuri Suit is a must-have for all men. It originates from Jodhpur; a state in India. It gained huge popularity during the mid-19th- mid-20th century in India. You must keep the Indian culture alive by wearing a perfect pair of Jodhpuri suits. It is one such attire that suits every man and makes every man look handsome and gentlemanly. India is a country with lots of colourful festivals. Jodhpuri Suit and Nehru Jacket are the perfect options to wear on such festivals and occasions. It can be worn at family functions including Jagran, sangeet, birthday parties, wedding functions, and other family get-togethers.

Importance of Jodhpuri Suit

It is basically a coat teamed up with matching trousers. To enhance the look it can be layered with a waistcoat commonly called a Nehru Jacket. The trousers can be of a different colour than that of the coat. It is a popular formal and semi-formal dress. It is mostly worn at functions and parties. The coat can be teamed up with Jeans too. This makes it less formal and more stylish and casual. The silhouette material can be silk or any other desired material. It is a band-collared coat lined with the material completely has five buttons in the centre front part of it and is lined with embroidery. The buttons can be kept completely closed or the upper two can be kept open to give it a more breezy and casual look.

Importance of Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket is one of the best traditional attire to be worn by men. It can be worked It is worn with a designer kurta, under the coat, or on the shirt. It is a hip-length custom-tailored fit coat. It gained its popularity during the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s rule. The Nehru jacket is an evolutionary variation of Jodhpuri where the material is predominantly khadi. The other common names of this Jacket are Sadri, Bandi, and Bandh necked coat. The collar is a stand-up band and has buttons until the collar. That’s why it is called a bandh-necked coat. The simplicity of this jacket attracts huge masses from all over the world.

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