The cheapest electrical services in Singapore are provided by Merdeka Contractor Pte Ltd. We offer power trip troubleshooting, plug point installation, and other electrical services. See more about our services below or get in touch with us right now for more details and a quote. Our electricians can install or repair electrical systems at a fair price if you need them. The most cutting-edge power socket, electric switch, circuit breaker, electrical outlets, distribution box, and DB box installation and maintenance services are provided by Merdeka Contractor. They also provide house renovation and power train Singapore.


It is possible for people to experience electrical issues in their HDB. Many people, meanwhile, are unaware of whether their issues are urgent or necessary to address right now. Always try to diagnose the problem on your own, or with a HDB electrician near me help, as the first step. People frequently seek the assistance of a HDB electrician in Singapore due to a lack of technical knowledge.


Electrical installation services are the most often requested service from us. Power outlets, switches, lights, ceiling fans, and water heaters are a few of the electric fixtures that our electros install on a daily basis. We can help whether you already have these power supplies installed or if you need them to be provided.


Singaporean Electrical Contractor

Our professionals are capable of performing a wide range of electrical fixes and services. They help you identify and resolve electrical problems. There are options for electrical installations, power transfers, and wiring. Merdeka Contractor Company provides a range of businesses with workers and cars driven by kind and knowledgeable professionals. If you would like to speak with a member of our team about our business and marketing services, please use our contact page. Alternatively, you may ask our specialists to meet whenever it’s convenient for you. This post suggests a must-know electrician in Singapore. We provide the following electrical services:


Lighting Installation Providers

One of the best ways to improve a space’s usability and attractiveness is to add fresh lighting. We can help if you want new lights at a fair price.


We are able to assist. Because our company works with top lighting wholesalers, you already don’t need new light fixtures and bulbs. This implies that at direct supplier price, we can find you magnificent lighting fixtures and have them installed correctly in your home.


Services for Rewiring Reconfiguration is a complicated task that requires an experienced electrician in Singapore to perform. Your home’s getting older and the parts are being installed in it. In the end, the cables may lead to power transfers, burning smells, and damaged wires. There could be significant safety implications if these issues are rewired.


Installation of Power Sockets The power outlets allow our devices and appliances to operate throughout the day. There are only so many outlets in most of the rooms, however, and not enough for everyone with a lot of equipment. There is a more elegant, long term solution to this problem than relying on messy extra connections and cables. In addition to expanding your living and working space, additional electrical outlets will make charging convenient for many years to come.


Installing Light Switches

In order to control lights, appliances, and water heaters, switches are placed in convenient positions across an area to regulate the flow of electricity in an electrical circuit. New switches, such as water heaters and lights, must be connected to newly installed appliances. Our experts can help you if you need a switch installed or an existing one changed.


Installation of Exhaust Fans Most of the time, the understated exhaust fan doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The rooms may become considerably cozier, more comfortable, and healthier with exhaust fans. When ventilation is not needed, the ventilators provide vital airflow to certain areas of the house.


Installation of a Storage Water Heater

With years of experience, we offer highly acclaimed and reliable storage heater installation services. Experts with training and experience carry out installation operations. To spare our clients the hassle of juggling many providers, we provide a single heater storage and installation solution.


Quick Water Heater Installation

As with other natural gas-powered tankless systems, there is a chance of carbon monoxide leakage. One of the major risks associated with tankless water heaters is this. Make sure the gas system is maintained appropriately.


A guarantee for the services rendered is provided by our business. We’re specialized in supplying the highest quality electricity at the lowest price. We’re your electrician in Singapore, whether you have a broken socket, defective light switch or problem with the power panel. It may be hard and dangerous to work with your electricity, so let us help!