There are several users who have transferred their entire Google account to a new account and are looking for a solution for this. It is well known that creating an account on Google not only gives you the ability to send and receive emails, but also allows you to store data such as calendars, contacts, documents, etc. This data is also important to you because it may contain your contacts. It contains important information such as a person’s address, company name, email address, etc. The calendar displays important dates for meetings, presentations, for business or personal purposes. Like if your documents have important documents related to your office, school or university work.

All the items mentioned above are migrated when a user wants to transfer data from one Google Account to another. You may encounter issues while migrating items that we will now explain along with how to perform the migration. There are chances of users losing data while doing so. Now, let’s proceed with migrating each item in your Google mailbox.

Email Migration

Migrating emails from one account to another can sometimes be a bit difficult. In fact, some methods will damage, modify or lose the data you are migrating, but if you have a backup of all the emails in your mailbox, the problem of losing these emails will never arise. To transfer emails while transferring an entire Google account to another, users can use Google Takeout, a utility provided by Google to move emails from one account to another. However, you may not be able to transfer data in bulk from one Google Account to another Google Account because of size limitations and sometimes data modification or loss. To avoid loss, users can move and cancel emails in bulk as there is no file size limit issue. If you select a file and back up all your emails, even if some data is lost while migrating your mailbox, your backed up emails will remain intact.

Contact Migration

Well, we all know how important the address book of our Gmail account is. All your contact details such as last name, company, email address, home address, etc. are stored in your address book. Users want to transfer their entire Google account to another account, but they also want complete safety and security. For your safety, you can download your contacts for backup in VCF format or vCard. After taking a backup, users can migrate these files to another account and if there are any issues, users will always have a backup of their address book downloads.

Calendar Transfer

Gmail’s mailbox offers a variety of features for storing important data, and Calendar is one of them. Most users mark dates of important events such as office meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It’s already set up to remind you of each day’s events, so no one would want to lose this data. Imagine how difficult it would be for users to take notes in their calendar if someone lost it while transferring data from one Google account to another. Therefore, there should not be even a 1% risk of data loss. Users can first back up their calendars and start the migration. This is because file backup gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your data will not go anywhere even if the migration process fails. Files are exported in .ics format. After completing the backup, go to Settings and select Calendar Settings to begin the process of transferring your entire Google account to another account. Now go to Calendar and create a new calendar and name it whatever you want. Click Create Calendar and press Import. Then select the .ical file and upload it to the blank Google Calendar you created as the destination. There are chances of losing your data while transferring your entire Google account to another account, but there is no need to worry as you already have a backup of the same.

Document Migration

Docs in Google Apps stores a variety of documents that are important to you. These document files may be related to business presentations, meetings, sensitive information, etc. When performing the process of transferring your entire Google account to another account, you need to keep these files safe to avoid them being damaged or modified. While migrating document files from one account to another, there are ways to do so. Users are given the option to back up these documents to keep them safe. Document files are stored on your local computer so you can upload them later and also use them as a backup if the data changes.

Any migration method of transferring data from one Google Account to another does not work 100% and does not provide safety from damage or corruption. data loss. All these items from your mailbox such as Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Documents store crucial data which is why it is important for the user to always have a backup to avoid any risk. There are tools that can help you do so to keep you satisfied and your data secure. 4n6 Email Backup Software and Email Converter are the tools that can help you take backup of your data while migrating your entire account to another.

Final Words

The methods for migrating entire Google account to another are manual which have a few limitations. Keeping the files safe in your local computer as backup is beneficial for the user which is why we suggest users to use the tools mentioned. If there is any more information that can be helpful for the users, let us know. The aim was to target the migration and limitations of the methods to keep the users in the loop of how migration process works.