With the world getting confined to smartphones, one of the most common questions asked by the companies is whether a mobile app is must, or a mobile website can also work. To help them out in selecting what is best as per the need of the hour, we have jotted down 7 reasons why one should choose mobile apps over mobile websites.

No doubt mobile websites- the mobile version of desktop websites is also used by different companies to target users and drive sales. But, with the changing time, mobile applications have become more prominent. From our experience till date, here are a few reasons why mobile apps are revamping business mobile strategies and ruling the mobile market:

Here are 7 Perfect Reasons:

#1 Personalized Content

A mobile app allows the customers to set their preferences and so, they get customized content. This attracts a larger number of users since they can get what they want in the least time. Besides this, the app also analyzes the user behavior and provide custom recommendations and updates. In addition, it uses current location of a user to serve with location-based content. On the other hand, the mobile websites just provide a concise piece of the desktop website’s content.

#2 Better Designs

The mobile websites run on browsers and so their designs are restricted to the elements allowed by the browsers. However, there is no such concern with mobile apps. You can think of an ‘out-of-the-box’ design to leave a mesmerizing impact on the users.

#3 Real-time Notifications

The mobile applications enable you to engage users more frequently through in-app and push notifications. Using these features, you can let the users know about the recent/upcoming offers and sales. There are some third-party services to provide the same facility in the websites, however, it is still in nascent stage. That implies till now the users cannot get notified until they check into the site.

#4 Better Use of Device Features

According to the best mobile app development companies, a mobile application makes the best use of the mobile features like camera, scanner, compass, GPS, etc. Using these features, it serves users with more personalized experience. This is not yet possible in the mobile websites.

#5 Faster and Offline Access

The mobile applications store their data locally on mobile devices when compared to websites relying on web servers. This makes it easier for the apps to retrieve data, and thus, a user can perform an action faster on a mobile app than a mobile website.

Again, various mobile apps offer offline service, which is not possible in the case of mobile websites.

#6 Increased Security

Mobile applications can easily fuse with the existing security system to provide higher levels of security. This is again a reason why users prefer apps over the websites.

#7 Brand Awareness

Last and the most important thing is that users spend 86% of their mobile time on apps. In such a scenario, mobile app development is crucial for every big and small company. With an app, you would be able to target a larger audience, provide them exceptional experience and thus, increase your brand visibility and profit.

Now, as you are versed with the perks of having mobile apps over the mobile websites, take no time to get in touch with the top app development firm and discuss your business needs.