At TKT HVAC, we take pride in revolutionizing the landscape of bus air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. In today’s world, where comfort, efficiency, and environmental consciousness are paramount, our bus HVAC systems stand as paragons of quality and performance.

Automatic Climate Control with CAN

Our cutting-edge CAN bus mastering technology sets the standard for intelligent climate control in buses. With proprietary intellectual property rights, our systems seamlessly integrate with the vehicle’s CAN bus network, allowing centralized temperature management. The benefits of our CAN control system are manifold:

– Digital Signal Transmission: Our manipulator exclusively receives and outputs digital signals, significantly enhancing its service life and reliability.
– Reduced Wiring Complexity: By minimizing control wires and electrical interfaces, we mitigate the risks associated with electrical faults, ensuring robust performance.
– Optimized Design: Evaporator fans with seven adjustable speed levels, employing PWM mode, ensure smooth airflow for optimal comfort.
– Intelligent Control: Our systems feature advanced intelligent control units with OLED display screens and graphical touch buttons, offering intuitive operation and enhanced user experience.

Cooling-Heating Integration

As the world moves towards greater urbanization and environmental awareness, the future of bus air conditioning technology hinges on seamless integration and efficiency. Our vision encompasses three key pillars:

– Fuel Efficiency: Through the application of variable displacement compressors and advancements in heat exchanger technology, our systems prioritize energy conservation and fuel savings.
– Environmental Sustainability: We spearhead the development and implementation of transcritical CO2 vehicle A/C systems, ushering in a new era of eco-friendly transportation solutions.
– Intelligent Control: In response to evolving urban transport demands, our systems embrace intelligent control mechanisms, offering automatic fine-tuning and seamless integration of cooling, heating, and ventilation functions.

E-bus AC Units for Bus Fleet Electrification

The rapid electrification of city bus fleets presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the HVAC industry. At TKT HVAC, we embrace this paradigm shift with unwavering commitment and ingenuity. Our E-bus AC units epitomize the future of sustainable urban transport:

– Waterproof Design: With an IP67 rating, our units are fully protected against water ingress, ensuring reliability in diverse operating conditions.
– Integrated Thermal Management: Our proprietary thermal management system optimizes battery performance while delivering superior cabin air conditioning, ensuring passenger comfort and energy efficiency.
– Lightweight Construction: Advanced LFT housing composites reduce weight without compromising durability, enhancing overall system efficiency.
– Energy-Efficient Operation: Adaptive PID intelligent frequency control and PWM speed regulation optimize energy consumption, minimizing environmental impact.
– Precision Temperature Control: Sophisticated electronic expansion valves ensure precise temperature adjustment, catering to diverse climatic conditions.
– Enhanced Comfort: V-shaped anti-vibration design and multiple noise reduction measures guarantee a quiet and comfortable ride for passengers.
– Remote Control and Safety Features: Our systems boast remote control capabilities and precharge circuits for enhanced safety, prioritizing passenger well-being and operational reliability.

In conclusion, TKT HVAC remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and passenger comfort. Our bus HVAC systems epitomize the pinnacle of engineering excellence, setting new standards for the industry while ushering in a greener, more efficient future of public transportation.