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Property Squares

Property squares in Monopoly GO are the most common type of tiles that are found on the monopoly board. They reward players with money when they land on them, and allow construction of houses. Once the player has created 5 houses on a single property square, they will be able to build a hotel. Property squares also allow players to charge rent to other players in certain conditions.

Railroad Squares

When a player lands on a railroad square in Monopoly GO, they are prompted to play one of the mini-games, Bank Heist or Shutdown. The former allows the player to steal money from their opponents, while the latter lets them knock down one of the other player’s buildings. There are four railroad squares in total.

Special Croner Squares

The four corners of the Board each contain a special Tile. The Go Tile is the starting Tile for each Board. When you land on or pass by this Tile, you earn money! The next corner is for Jail Visitors — this is a free space. Next, is Free Parking — which is sometimes activated by special events, but is otherwise a free space. Finally, we have the Go To Jail Tile. Here, you have three chances to roll doubles. If you succeed, you’ll earn bonus Dice Rolls! If you fail, you’ll have to pay bail before leaving.

Tax Squares

Tax squares in Monopoly GO are pretty self-explanatory. If a player lands on one of the two tax squares, they will be required to pay a tax. These squares include the Luxury Tax and Income Tax tiles.

Chance Squares

If a player lands on one of the three chance squares in Monopoly GO, they are required to draw a card and depending on their luck win or lose money.

Community Chest Squares

Community chest squares are map tiles that allow the players to open the community chest once they land on one of them. These squares are likely to award the player with money and allow you to play a mini-game if you have enough friends invited.

Utilities Squares

Utilities squares are usually safe spaces in Monopoly GO. When a player lands on one of them, they will receive a free money bonus. There are only two utilities squares on the monopoly board, the Electric Company and the Water Works.

We hope that you have found our Monopoly GO squares guide useful and wish you the best of luck and a prosperous future in the game.