For hundreds of years, basra moti have captivated millions of hearts because they look aesthetically classic and stunning. If you talk about the world of gemstones, they have a special place among them as they directly come from nature. Besides this, these gemstones are known for the drama and mystery around them. That’s why fans of the original Moti Stone have a lot of questions. Let’s delve into this blog to learn the answers to a few of the questions that people mostly ask about these precious pearl jewels.


What is a pearl gemstone, and how do they form?

Gemstones are manufactured by nature. It happens when a sand-like, grain or parasite gets trapped in the mollusk shell and creates a layer as a defence mechanism. Layers and layers then keep on depositing around that grain or parasite, which further hardens into a pearl.

What makes pearls shine so brightly?

The shine of the pearl gemstone comes from the light that reflects from the layers of nacre, which are the layers deposited on the pearls. The sign of the gems depends on the thickness and quality of those nacre layers. Basra moti, which have thicker and more nacre, are brighter and look more attractive. These rare gemstones fetch a higher price due to their beauty and allure. The best way to find an authentic gem is to opt for certified jewelry.

 Do pearls usually look completely white?

Although the most popular and well-known Mukta stones are white, they can also be pink, black, lavender, cream, or even golden. The color of the gem depends on the type of mollusk that has been made and the water from which it was collected. These gems are available in every price range determined based on type and origin. These are the gemstones, which are available in many color and varieties. One can add them to their collection to add variety other than just the white color. There is a myriad of variety available in pearl gemstone jewelry; it can be color, shape, or size.

How can you tell the difference between native pearls and pearls that were grown in the lab?

Pearl gemstones are naturally formed and rare in nature, so they are highly valued and sought-after by collectors. However, if you compare natural gems to the cultured original moti stone, they are made on purpose by irritating mollusks so that a Basra moti forms. A professional’s keen inspection and a few tests can help distinguish between naturally made and artificially made gems. 

Is there a meaning to pearls?

In traditional times, pearl gemstones were known to represent wisdom, holiness, and feminine energy. Many believe that if you wear a gem, it will bring you unity, balance, and a sense of grace. One must own them for the betterment of oneself and their overall well-being. 

Have you ever thought about how to take care of pearls?

To keep the shine and beauty of the gems for a longer time, they need to be handled carefully, as they are so delicate. Harsh chemicals, perfumes, or any deodorant should be avoided when coming into contact with gems, as they can harm nacre. Basra moti should be kept away from other jewels, and cleaning is required regularly with a soft cloth to avoid any scratches. 



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