With abundant essential elements in forthcoming fixed use, it’s no wonder that boats frequently abandon their MOTs.The composite parts that comprise your taxi can occurrence slow decay as they age, that is the reason routine fixing is so main in front of an MOT Rugby. Read on and discover the entirety you need to hear about MOT deficiency.

How Can You Avoid MOT Failure?

Regular limousine fixes during the whole period are socially obligatory if you always have in mind to prevent MOT decline.

As your test approaches, confirm you book a pre-MOT and confirm your car in much momentary – this can help you spot and fix some issues that manage to bring about a forsake. You can still complete the activity with a pre-MOT check at home by following our MOT tabulation.

What Takes Place If Your Car Fails Its MOT?

You will forever discover your MOT result as fast as the machinist finishes the test.

If your automobile passes, the workplace will enlarge the VT20 pass form, analyze the fee, and please you with your habit. Your machinist can therefore talk you through the reason your convertible abandoned allure test.

What Are MOT Defect Categories?

There are four main types of sins: minor, bigger, hazardous, and able.

Major and hazardous blames will bring about the next MOT misstep, as long as a piece of advice and minor weaknesses won’t bring about a breakdown.

Even so, these issues concede the possibility of being there as early as likely.


  •  A minor defect isn’t weighty enough for the automobile to forsake the test.
  •  A minor defect may establish a component that has endured slight damage but is still active well.
  •  Minor defects are not that prevailing – some used or broken elements are more inclined to have supremacy as big defects, or as an able article.
  •  Examples of minor defects include a rear enrollment plate lantern that isn’t occupied correctly or an entity that is hindering the driver’s visual field.

You can surely prevent a minor defect by operating a pre-MOT confirmation of your car in front of the test, which can sustain your opportunity and services in the end.


Defects that are out down parts but are not visualized as hazardous are popular as big defects.

Major MOT defects will precipitate an instant MOT abandonment, and you will not pass the test before these defects have been there.

Major defects involve a suspension system or drain order accompanying a solid fluid leak.

Major weaknesses pose the next security risk, so you must have these established at once.


The most weighty of the deterioration notices, a hazardous defect will bring about an instant bankruptcy.

As such, a hazardous defect will annul some staying days on your current MOT, message it is immediately criminal to drive your car on a public course.

You must have some hazardous defects established at once. Such defects involve considerably used brake interlining or pads or a fracture course wheel.


In addition to the MOT defect types filed above, MOT examiners can acknowledge weaknesses as a piece of advice if they trust that a weakness conceded possibility quickly comes out.

Whilst an MOT experimental does not should inform you about some announcements, a good MOT experimental will.

Your car will not forsake allure MOT on account of an able notice, but it can forsake a future MOT test if you do not improve these blames rapidly.

What Should You Do About MOT Failure?

 If your motor abandons allure MOT, you can leave it at the test centre for necessary repairs expected completed activity.

Determined these repairs are within 10 occupied days of the test, the car may be again tested free.

In the event you want your instrument expected fixed in another place, therefore you can still have it retested completely free at the original test centre goodbye as you return it before completing the next light part every 24 hours.

Please experience that you grant permission only to take the limousine away if allure current MOT documentation is genuine, and the MOT test did not focal point a hazardous defect.

Can You Still Drive After a Failed MOT?

You grant permission only to drive your car if you are course to a workplace or a pre-scheduled MOT test or repair that is to fix defects emphasising all the while a premature MOT test.

Your automobile must be very safe commotion this – you manage to annul your limousine security and face a £300 fine and 6 points on your licence if you drive outside an MOT.

If your car has a hazardous defect at the MOT, the jeep cannot be constitutionally compelled along the way as long as the inevitable repairs have completed activity and the car passes a retest.

If your car had a big defect at the MOT, some staying MOT from a former test will continue cause you scheduled your test early.

Whilst you can technically still drive if your prior MOT credential is still genuine, we would powerfully talk out of this.

Hope that you have gained knowledge about MOT breakdown and Car Servicing Rugby. If your car has abandoned Allure MOT, we have much money to help you when it meets the expectations of the belief MOT experiment.