MOT was first launched in 1960 by the Ministry of Transport. Vehicles over three years old need to get their MOT service to meet legal requirements according to the DVSA norms. With peace of mind, motorists can contact the SAI MOT Centre for authorized MOT testing centres in Wimbledon. With a team of authorized engineer experts to check the professional MOT, We also issue certificates like VT20: MOT Pass and VT30: MOT Failure.

Before proceeding to the MOT, our team checks your vehicle’s precious MOT records. We deal with the following vehicle components.

  • Tyres & Wheels.
  • Number Plates.
  • Exhaust and Emission.
  • Brakes.
  • Doors and Locks.
  • Suspension and Steering.
  • Seats and Seatbelts etc.


During the check, if your vehicle acquires a VT20 certificate, you can drive your vehicle without any legal problems. But, if your vehicle has a VT30 certificate, you won’t be able to drive with any legal issues, rather you would face multiple legal issues to resolve. Otherwise, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle on the road. To avoid such legal issues, you can contact us in advance to book your MOT Wimbledon service on time.

Let’s get an idea of the classes of the MOT Test:

  • Class 1&2: This class only includes motorcycles.
  • Class 3: Vehicles under 450kg (3-wheelers) without any loads fall under this category.
  • Class 4: Vehicles having the capacity to load 9-12 passengers, including ambulances, motor caravans, and passenger cars come in this class.
  • Class 5: All types of vehicles having the capacity of taking thirteen or more passengers fall in this category. It includes private passenger cars, motor caravans and dual-purpose vehicles.
  • Class 6: All kinds of public service vehicles fall in this class.
  • Class 7: It is for all those vehicles carrying goods weighing more than 3000 kg to 3500 kg.


Checks performances during an MOT Test:

  • Horn.
  • Registration Plates.
  • Steering and Suspension.
  • Battery.
  • Brakes.
  • Other Electric Equipment and Wiring.
  • Windscreen and Wipers.
  • Structure and Body.
  • Bonnet.
  • Lights and Indicators.
  • We also carry out a separate Emission Test.


Are you looking for an electric vehicle service?

Regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving, regular services and maintenance are vital.  In comparison to normal cars, the services of electric cars are different. There are various advantages of having an electric car when it comes to servicing. There are mainly fewer parts to take care of while doing servicing in comparison to other cars. For example, electric vehicles don’t have spark plugs, an exhaust, a clutch, a gearbox, a radiator, no air filters and no oil filters. Repairing these parts in normal cars costs a lot or results in high bills. But, it does not mean you can neglect the regular service of your electric vehicle.

An annual inspection and service is recommended by most experts, but you should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer specifically when your electric car is under warranty or when leasing the vehicle.


The most important parts of an electric car to check regularly:

With a similar interval or gap, an electric or hybrid vehicle should be analyzed with a combustion engine. Air conditioning, wheels, brakes, and steering must be checked regularly. However, there are some special components of the combustion engines that are not required. There are some of the main components of an electric car are on the maintenance list—for example- cable connections, battery and charging connections.

We offer complete electric vehicle servicing and repairs in Wimbledon.

Battery: As the name suggests, in an electric car, battery is an essential part of this car. All the cables and charging connections were also checked. The latter needs to be dust, dirt and rust-free. Batteries have a service life of expected right to fifteen years. As the battery is the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, it needs extra care like not charging the battery more than 80 per cent or not leaving the battery at a level of less than 20 per cent.

Tyre Check: As compared to combustion engines, these tyres are subjected to greater stress because higher torque is possible when starting at a high speed. This also affects tyre tread over time. While with a moderate starting the services can increase the life of tyres.

At our experts check the tread and sidewall condition of the tyres, the valves etc. to ensure safety and punctures Tyres Wimbledon.

Check and Analyze the Electronics: Every component of your electric vehicle is also checked during servicing. Regular inspection of these parts also assists in avoiding spontaneous failures.

  • Topping up fluid- Electric vehicles have three kinds of fluids that are mandatory to be filled time-to-time and these are brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid and coolant. The latter is also compulsory for the thermal management system.
  • MOT- Whether it’s an electric vehicle or a hybrid, they also need to get their MOT done once they are three years old.


Electric Vehicle Repairs Wimbledon:

In case any faults or issues or problems are found, we SAI MOT Centre certainly repair them.