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Multiview is useful when you have a limited number of TV but you wanna watch more things at the same time. There are many reasons why people wanna keep track of multiple sources at once.

For example, during the sports season, an MLB fan may wanna watch the Braves game and the Saints at the same time when they are in a clash. Or maybe in a surveillance room, the guard needs to monitor live pictures of multiple spots sent from the security cameras.

The multiview feature enables simultaneous broadcasting of multiple sources even though you have only one screen. You don’t need to buy extra screens, which can save your hardware costs; and having everything on one screen is easier for you to keep an eye on.

What Is Multiview?

As we discussed above, multiview is a technology that enables you to view and display content from multiple sources or channels on a single screen simultaneously. It’s helpful for those who want to keep track of various channels, sports games, video streams, or surveillance cameras without needing multiple screens or switching back and forth.

Multiview technology offers us an option to watch and interact with our favorite content, offering a more flexible and efficient viewing experience.

Does My TV Support Multiview?

Since multiview is helpful, you may be wondering if your TV supports it. In fact, the multiview feature is rarely embedded in the TV itself.

Some TVs may come with a picture-in-picture(PiP) feature which allows viewers to display a smaller secondary video source within the main screen. While it is not shown in full screen, PiP is also a form of multiview.

For TVs that are not built with multiview, they can play multiple sources too, as long as the source data is processed and put together in the grid as one source.

Some streaming services offer this option for fans and viewers to follow multiple channels on one screen. Viewers can choose the channels they wanna watch in the multiview mode and the server will process them into a multiview picture as a single source and broadcast it on your screen.

Therefore, you can say that all TVs support multiview as long as the data is well processed as one.

Multiview Applications

If you are watching sports on streaming services like YouTube and Apple TV ESPN, videos in some sections are allowed to be put into a multiview and it will be processed by the service provider rather than your TV. You have limited control over what videos you can choose for it and in what way they are organized on your screen.

If you wanna take more initiative and decide what sources you want for multiview, the number of them, how’s the order and how are they organized, I would recommend that you get a processor yourself.


MultiTwitch is a web-based service that allows you to watch multiple Twitch streams simultaneously. It’s super convenient for gamers and esports enthusiasts who want to follow several streamers or esports events at once.

YouTube TV Multiview

YouTube TV offers a Multiview feature that is perfect for sports fans. With this feature, you can watch up to three channels or games at the same time. It’s an excellent way to keep an eye on multiple live events or catch up on your favorite shows and sports all on one screen.

4K Multiview Processor

Instead of depending on the service provider, you may wanna customize your multiview experience and set up your own multiview display. What’s a multiview processor? Let’s take AV Access 4KIP200M as an example.

4KIP200M is an IP decoder that you can connect to your network switch and your TV. It works with this IP encoder which connects up to 4 channels of HDMI signals. The multiview processor 4KIP200M will process the data from the encoder’s end and put them on the screen in the way you like.

There is a button on the panel for you to choose your multiview layout. Four different types of layouts are supported.

  • Single full-screen to display 1 source
  • Picture-in-picture to show 2 sources
  • Vertical triple view for 3 sources
  • Quad view to broadcast all 4 channels

This type of multiview processor is widely used in sports bars where the business owner would love to have many channels broadcast at the same with a proper number of TVs. It’s easy to install and deploy over the network and it enables you to cater to different groups of fans’ interests.


With the ability to watch multiple channels, streams, or sources simultaneously on a single screen, multiview offers a more flexible and cost-effective option for people to enjoy the content.

You may find a built-in multiview feature on MultiTwitch, YouTube TV, and other streaming services. While for a customized multiview experience, the multiview processor 4KIP200M offers advanced features and flexibility to create an ultimate Multiview setup.